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Liver cleanse story
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Published: 21 years ago

Liver cleanse story

My wife and I are both licensed practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We heard about Liver Cleanses while we attended our school in Santa Fe, but did not attempt any type of cleanse at the time. A month ago, we read about a cleanse in the Townsend Newsletter and decided to try the cleanse. This cleanse involved taking Super Phos 30 (ortho phosporic acid) for several days followed by olive oil/lemon juice/classic coke. It also involved taking Epsom Salt which I would say was the very worst part of the whole process.
All in all, it was not too unpleasant, but my wife did feel pretty nauseated and was unable to take the epsom salt. I passed at least 300 (or more green to very dark almost black somewhat soft stones some about as large as the last joint omy middle finger ) while my wife passed fewer. The results of this first cleans were a sucess. I sleep much better, and my blood pressure which was previously pretty high has normalized to normal. Before the cleanse, the pessure at night was 140/90-100. Now it is 125/85 (or lower). In the morning it is now 110/80. I did another cleanse about two weeks after the first, with a few modifications. This time I passed only 30 (or less) small stones. Which I expected since the first cleanse eliminated most of the stones.
We have also begun an intestinal cleanse which is a combination of two cleanses. One involves psyllium twice a day, ground flax seed three times a day, lemon juice, and a lot of water mixed with cranberry juice and salt. The other cleanse is a capsule called Okra Pepsin E3 (Dr. Kelly's regimen). So far (weeks into this) we have not experienced any real difference with this cleanse. I felt good at the start, though.
Tomorrow we will start a parasite cleanse (Dr. Clarks regimen of Walnut Hull tincture, Cloves, and Wormwood ). We'll see how that goes.
Many of our patients have expressed an interest in some of the cleanse process'. In Chinese Medicine a congested liver is very common and leads to many types of disorders from emotional trouble to physical ailments such as hypertension or gynecological complaints. A liver cleanse would seem to be an inexpensive adjunctive therapeutic measure that would benefit many of our patients. For that matter, an entire cleanse process would benefit most of our chronically ill patients. Patient compliance is a real problem, so I will need a some "easy" proven methods to cleanse the intestines, liver, kidney and remove parasites. If any one has any suggestions feel free to e-mail me.

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