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Published: 19 years ago

Europe First To Ban Supplements

Got this very important message from Duncan in onte of the groups were in. Please Read:

In August 2005 everything in Europe is about to change
due to the EU Food Supplements Directive (FSD). Banned
items will include natural vitamins such as mixed
tocopherols (natural vitamin E), carotenoids and b-12
methylcobalamin, all forms of sulphur, boron, vanadium,
silicon and most trace elements, the most readily
absorbed and safest forms of calcium, magnesium, zinc,
selenium, chromium and molybdenum. It will severely
limit the doses of vitamins and will remove all
high-dose products from the market. It will include
future restrictions on nutrients such as fatty acids,
amino acids, enzymes, probiotics, phytonutrients, etc.
The directive will dramatically limit future innovation
in the supplements industry, and seriously impact
retail outlets, complementary practitioners and
consumers who choose to take responsibility for their
own health and let food be their medicine.

Here, again, is where it affects us: the draconian EU
Directive goes far beyond denying most Europeans access
to safe nutritional supplements; it is about to be used
as the blueprint for establishing international dietary
supplement laws at Codex, which our government in its
questionable wisdom has made us part of. Codex will
outlaw or severely restrict virtually everything
millions of us have grown accustomed to using safely
every day. National borders don't mean much anymore; we
are witnessing the rapid unification of the world into
a new global government with Europe at the helm. When
the World Trade Organization (WTO) was given teeth to
enforce international trade laws in the early 1990s,
all WTO member nations agreed to harmonize their trade
laws to new international laws so every nation operates
by the same set of standards. Since then, every single
ruling that the WTO has made has gone against the
environment, against the public health, against
consumer rights, against labor rights, and against
human rights. Although activists protested against the
WTO, most people were unaware that it would eventually
lead to an incremental attack on all of our food
supplements around the world. Most supplement companies
have simply gone along with the advice from their
pharmaceutically dominated trade associations.

Germany, the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing
nation on earth, currently dominates the EU which hosts
the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods For Special
Dietary Use, and is leading the charge to railroad our
dietary supplement laws into international
harmonization. The European Union is the blueprint by
which our would-be rulers intend to form a global
totalitarian state. What they're doing with the EU is
their first project; they're trying to make and control
similar regional trading blocks all over the world. For
example, they're trying to create the Free Trade Area
of the Americas (FTAA) through which they're trying to
harmonize the laws between Canada, the U.S., Mexico,
and Central and South America.

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), a consumer
advocacy group based in Britain, was recently granted
the green light to challenge the Food Supplements
Directive at the last minute; however, very rarely has
a EU Directive ever been overturned and in this case,
it would be a historic event considering the
pharmaceutical interests backing its implementation.
Resources are very scarce but they've got to keep the
lawsuit going to overturn the Directive before it's too
late. They've hired a top legal staff and they are
girded for battle in a EU Court. With the EU expanding
by ten more nations in early 2004 to a combined total
of twenty-five member nations, and with heavy pressure
to finalize a Codex vitamin standard, the situation is
critical. If the FSD is not overturned now, with
Europe's ever-expanding power it's very possible that
there will be enough countries onboard to overrule the
protests of the few countries at Codex, where many
parts of the FSD will be used when new international
vitamin laws are codified. Once a Codex vitamin law is
finalized, it will supercede any member country's
supplement laws. The only way for a country to truly
protect its vital interest on this and other matters is
to get out of the U.N. and the WTO entirely, a 'best
case' scenario that nobody realistically sees

In the 21st century we live under siege. There are
concerns about pesticides, herbicides, Antibiotics , GM,
mobile phones, microwaves, Amalgam fillings, falling
sperm counts, mad cows, MMR - even milk. Farmed salmon
is a Trojan horse for carcinogens. Obesity and diabetes
are on the march. There is a mass of documentation on
all this. So what is the European Commission's big
idea? 'Let's clamp down on vitamins and minerals.'

In order to prevent a sinister one-world government
from mining people as the resource, usurping our
natural freedoms and dictating our moves, we must pony
up and donate to the ANH so they can make a decent
legal presentation; if we don't do it for ourselves,
how about our grandchildren and the rest of society? Go
online to and make a
donation. Or suffer.

---Duncan Crow---

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