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fda cover story just another lie
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Published: 17 years ago

fda cover story just another lie


DECEMBER 6, 2004. Suddenly, the failure of the FDA to get dangerous drugs off the market is being explained by a money trail from drug companies to the FDA.

The story, in a nutshell, goes like this: in 1992, a new arrangement was made, in which drug companies themselves would pay $$ to the FDA to monitor the effects of drugs on the public.

Somehow, this compromise and FDA money shortages within the agency itself have led to overloading in the direction of new-drug approvals and less labor in the direction of detection of adverse drug effects after these approvals.

Like any cover story, there is a degree of truth here. However, the FDA's problems with allowing dangerous drugs to remain on the market did not begin in 1992.

A whole raft of horrendous cancer chemo drugs was brought into play before '92. And AZT, in 1986, was launched out of nowhere to treat AIDS. What was not revealed at that time---and is now the subject of a budding lawsuit against AZT's manufacturer, Glaxo---was that AZT was, in fact, a CHEMOTHERAPY drug.

Why is that important?

Chemo drugs are only given to cancer patients in short bursts, because they are so toxic. Generally, chemo is administered in the hope that it will kill the tumors before it kills the patient, because chemo destroys ALL cells in the body.

However, AZT is given to people with so-called AIDS or so-called positive HIV tests ON AN ONGOING BASIS. NOT in short bursts. AZT is given every day, on and on and on.

That is a crime. That is a capital crime.

In 1986, it didn't take some genius to do studies of AZT on patients, in order to figure out what was going on. AZT, which had never been approved for human use, after failing to work on rats, was sitting on dusty shelves at the US National Institutes of Health. Had been sitting there since 1961.

Anyone who was aware of its history knew it was, in reality, a chemo drug. To be given to patients every day? DEADLY.

The original study using AZT on humans, done in 1986, was an AIDS study, and the results, which led to its licensing AS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE BY THE FDA, were horrifying, if anyone wanted to look. For example, roughly 20 percent of the people in the study experienced such serious anemias that they had to receive blood transfusions. And that's just the beginning of what went wrong. John Lauritsen, one of the very best of the AIDS reporters, wrote a book called POISON BY PRESCRIPTION. In it, he detailed all the lies and cover-ups surrounding that 1986 study.

No, Virginia, the FDA's problems with drug safety did not begin in 1992. They began pretty much when the agency was founded. And they've gotten worse ever since.


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