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Steroids, Hormones And Hell - A Masonic Perspective
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Published: 17 years ago

Steroids, Hormones And Hell - A Masonic Perspective

Steroids, Hormones And Hell - A Masonic Perspective

By Noel Gillett

Don't you think it odd that there would be such a profound lack of data from the scientific community regarding "steroids"? 90% of medical research in the US is paid by the government, yet it is industry that directs the agenda, including such glaring ommissions. One should wonder if whether this is in fact an artefact of organized intention, or not. At the very least, the case study speaks to the broad failure and grave genocidal travesty that is the practice of public health. At the very least.

For the sake of context, one ought to recall that this big picture problem regarding hormones and steroids goes to the very heart of public health and the current practice of corporate centered medicine. As in the case of steroids for childhood asthmatics: it's use is associated with stunted growth, accelerated tissue oxidation, learning disorders etc.. No different than the use of steroids for joint injuries among adults: first shot works like a charm, second less so, by the third or fourth at a rate of one per month, the endgame involves the innevitability of surgery due to oxidative dammage to the associated tissue. In economics we call this a distored market. We call it monopoly, both of market share AND of information. Orthodox theory implies that we will have a wastefull market with a "gross misallocation of resources" that should degenerate into a state where the behaviour of the firm will be directed by destructive forces called "perverse incentives". One orthodoxy insists on the acription of benign intent to "medical science" as a general notion, yet a more rigourous application of the orthodox tools points to the reverse.

The goose that lays the golden egg becomes the child devouring monster, predicted by orthodox theory yet never discussed in the open media in such terms. Steroids are the basis of modern medical practice, since the thirties, used on men, women, pregnant women and children. A scourge if ever there was.

An educated adult American can not ignore the parallel of the steroid case in athletics with the grievious crime of steroid use in clinical medicine, and can not fail to notice the greatly suspicious problem of ommission in the discourse of above board scientific research. It can hardly be regarded as a coincidence.

Nor can this pattern of organized and melevolent behaviour be ignored or denied when the face of fact itself stares us across the table time and history in such readily discernable form. The icing on the cake of the argument that calls this "conspiracy" emerges from the most obvious case study that sits in the headlines that appeared earlier this very year. As in the case of hormone replacement therapy, where it was suddenly "discovered" that the intervention-- arguably a form of "performance enhancement"--of estrogen pills could be seen as a mass trigger of all the major medical killers of woman, from asthma to dementia, heart attacks strokes and beyond. Hardly a coincidence that we should find this medical practice dating back over fifty years, discredited with a data set that would and should have readily emerged from the most trivial application of animal science. It ain't rocket Science you know.

Or do you know? The families of the inner guild of medicine, law, big Science and the global system down to its very core do not engineer socio economic contingency with the optimization of life for the end user in mind. They do spend a great deal of money and energy to obscure the intervention of their most forcefull "hidden hand". You ought to know better than to add the weight of your journalistic bias to contribute to this culture of hatred regarding the discourse of conspiracy.

It's not just "internet stuff". It's not some kind of instant ticket to the psych-ward.

It's the story of my own family. So please try to grow out of this habit of spitefull deprecation as a substitute for true discourse. More than a matter of mere ethics, it's about the basic standards of journalism. The burden of proof should be equally distributed, with the norm called to defend its tawdry presuppositions regarding the distribution of power to an equal degree. With regard to the specific matter of hormone politics, it's the view of the "conspiracy theorist" that provides the greatest explainatory power to the broadest understanding of otherwise disparate phenomenon to be percieved within the field. It's the elegance of Accomb's razor. It's the better argument. It cuts to the bone, like a blade. Not all of us associated with the Masonic matrix owe allegiance to that machine. Some of us have learned to grow out of the complex of the bootlicking house nigger.

This argument that I have made is too obvious; it's ommission from your discussion is itself a frightenning manifestation all its own. Nazis were funded by American and Brittish investors to the tune of 70%, through the hands of families like mine, and those you call Bush (Sullivan and Cromwell is the law firm). No wonder our Masonic brothers used the pronunciation "Not See", because only the willfully blind could miss the contrivance of elite criminality at the heart of the game. War is their game.

Are for getting rid of newborns? Are you for eighty-sixing the infant? RU486 is the joke of the hoodwinker. Used for abortions, its broader use (recognized but "off label") would be as a hormone blocker. A blocker of the most dangerous drug known in all of medicine the effect of which is most noted in the heart racing horror we all experience with the "flight or fight" response--the adrenal cascade the produces the hormone CORTISOL. Cortisol is the hormone of torture, the hormone of social control, the index of disease the biomarker that defines the victim of satanic ritual. It's a steroid, not incoincidentally. And its effect is blocked by RU486...such is the esoteric web of meaning that so obvoiusly presents itself. Self evident, yet ommitted from the consciousness of the houseslave and journalist. Please get with the program. Your work needs work. I hope for better and leave these remarks as a template and suggestion for better work.

Noel Gillett

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