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HELP! -- TO FLUSH or NOT to FLUSH that is the ??? 4th time
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Published: 18 years ago
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HELP! -- TO FLUSH or NOT to FLUSH that is the ??? 4th time

Ok all, This is a long read -- I apologize in advance. I think it might be worth reading though. I am not a newbie or a skeptic. I am Native American, mid 30's Male and believe in the power of Herbs and self healing. My first cleanse was done with NO knowledge or expectations of what would happen to me. I just heard it worked and had a handwritten recipe on a notepad. My problem is that I have a bad gall bladder. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out! It hurts sometimes very intense. I have indigestion often and a bloated feeling alot and I get fatigued easily. I also get stiff and sore joint pain like Arthritis - off and on. I am in my 30's and otherwise healthy. Because of this I decided to try the cleanses. To date; it has been 3 cleanses and my next will be the Fourth FLUSH. PLEASE READ ON because SOON I have a CONFESSION that has made me question the cleanse. I am holding hope that someone can answer my PERPLEXING QUESTION. I am going to give you a history of my FLUSH experiences which have provided me with some very POSITIVE results.

FLUSH ONE was a surprise to me. I did it because I have no other option - not being able to afford surgery and not wanting it. I halfheartedly thought it might work. The interesting thing is that at that time I KNEW nothing about this WEBSITE or POSTING board. I was On my own - ALL BY MYSELF in this adventure and I was a bit reluctant. I had no "real expectations" because all I had was DR. Clarks formula for the grapefruit cleanse. The drink didn't bother me - neither did the salts or oil mixture. I tossed back the salts like a SHOT of Jack Daniels. I slurped the oil down like a PRO. Thank you drinking straw! I also take a DAB of honey right after the salts and oil mixture to clear my taste buds. I found that helps alot. The salts cleaned out my system untill my stool looked like water only. I followed the instructions and soon went to bed as directed. I thought I could actually feel the stones moving. I was somewhat skeptical and didn't expect much. I was hoping for ONE or TWO stones in the morning. I felt very nauseated and my stomach was churning some. I started getting a headache and slight fever. I managed to actually go to sleep despite that. I woke up at 2 am with more fever and needed to go to the bathroom - I felt like I had diarrhea. I didn't know if I was supposed to get up or not so I fought the urge and went back to sleep. I woke up at 4am and laid there till 430 fighting the bathroom urge. I was VERY HOT and feverish. I thought to myself -- "I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN... WHAT for??? A stone or two????." My expectations were VERY LOW. I thought I had made myself sick and feverish for nothing! Finally I couldn't wait any longer - I had to go to the bathroom. WHOOSH! It came right out no problem. When done; I got up to look for stones expecting nothing or maybe one. I knew to look for BRIGHT green stones. WHAT I saw was the SHOCK of the CENTURY! It was a BOWL full of what looked like RADIOACTIVE PEAGREEN lumpy, pasty, stuff. It looked the texture of cottage cheese. I thought "OH MY -- No wonder my gall bladder isn't working." I had NEVER seen anything like it come from inside of me. It looked OLD and like it had laid inside tubes for a while. I flushed and went back to bed. I was totally HAPPY - I thought to myself I'm going TO WIN THIS FIGHT. Yet, I noticed my fever was peeking and I couldn't sleep. Later I got up and took my dose of salts and soon went to bathroom again and saw a variety of smaller sized stones. Later on, in the first day, my fever went down and I started returning to normal. For the rest of the day and the next two, I would eliminate a few more stones. I would guess about 15 total -- not counting the Thick and Lumpy pea green stuff that came out all at once. The largest stones I passed were the size of a pea. I was amazed and noticed that for the FIRST time in a long time my indigestion was gone. I noticed that my gall bladder and joints no longer hurt. I felt so refreshed -- better than I had for MONTHS. I was so happy that I went to the Internet to see if I could SEARCH up any facts on what had just taken place to me and I found the CUREZONE and this post site. I was glad I found it AFTER my first cleanse -- or I may have thought I had brainwashed or PRECONDITIONED myself into believing that my indigestion was gone and my gall bladder and joint pain diminished. I knew I wanted to try the cleanse again! Sadly, In a few days my symptoms returned. But HEY -- I had a NEW weapon!

FLUSH TWO; I was expecting the same results. I had bought a colander strainer so I could see how many stones I would pass. This time I drank a little more of the OIL and fresh grapefruit. It all went very well. This time my fever was not as severe. This time I knew I didn't have to wait until 8 am to go to the bathroom. THANK YOU CUREZONE FORUM POSTERS! The results were different. NO Radioactive Pea green Clumpy stuff. This time I got what appeared to be stones. I netted about 30 some almost the size of a pinto bean looking much like photos from curezone cleansers. Some medium green and some bright Green. I was happy and like before some of my worst symptoms went away -- only to return in about 5 days. I knew I had to do it again...

FLUSH THREE; I was actually looking so forward to this day. Each time I feel like I am winning my Gall bladder fight. I did everything the same and expected pretty much the same. I was wondering if I would have the BRIGHT green Lumpy stuff again or just the stones like the second time. Everything started out working like a dream! No fever this time or headache. In the Morning I had the urge to eliminate! Just what I had been waiting for! Or, so I thought... ONE word - OUCH! No stones, No green stuff, but what seemed like thousands of small tiny SHARP faceted beige sand crystals coming out with nothing but water to help them. It was like eliminating SANDPAPER. IT HURT SO BAD. I had this all day and was wishing it would end. The final elimination on that day produced only 8-10 pea sized bright green stones. I strained them out but was in so much pain from the earlier sharp crystals that I rinsed them and set them on a paper towel on top of a water heater in the hall to dry. I crushed one about the size of a garden pea and it was chalky and hard. I stumbled back towards my bedroom. I was very grouchy and was thinking that I didn't want to do the cleanse again. I went to bed with a very SORE bottom from those sharp faceted crystals. What happened next was what has made me wonder about the WHOLE CLEANSE PROCESS. When I awoke from my sleep I went to inspect my stones that I had laid out on the water heater. To my surprise the paper towel had some oily greenish rings under the stones. I didn't think to much about it and left them. The NEXT morning I passed a few more and was going to add them to my collection and I found that the HEAT from the water heater top had MELTED the stones. There was only a HOLLOW shell left. They had turned to oil and the towel absorbed it. I was devastated. My CHALKY stones - turned to oil.

I cannot refute that I seem to get some improvement with the cleanses. However it does seem that the stones are OIL! A little constant heat and they MELT. I do not think a REAL stone would melt. Does anyone out there know if real stones melt? In the meantime I am going to move on to FLUSH 4 tomorrow and see what happens. I HOPE this time it is not the sharp crystal stones. However; if it is, I am going to test them to and see if they melt. At this point there is still a LOOMING ounce of skepticism... TO FLUSH OR NOT TO FLUSH... that is the question.

What do you experienced readers think? Have any of you HONESTLY stopped passing stones and yet drink the mixtures as prescribed??? Please let me know.

Your Fellow FLUSH cleanser, Swift

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