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Published: 18 years ago
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hopefully me, im glad you responded and i feel the exact same way, that is why i posted my 1st message, it was crazy to find someone else was going through what i was. I dont know why this is happening to us but i know it is preventing are ability to make something of ourselve's and causing us to feel like we are on a lower level than others. So it has to be fixed, and i know its really hard to quit smoking weed, because im addicted. I have done it daily for 2 or 3 years but i havent smoked in a week because of this problem, and im trying to quit completely, but i feel the same way, i wanna smoke weed more and more because of this problem to help ease my tension. But since my parents got me this shrink he's kinda helped me a bit, he says hes had a few kids with the same problem, and its related to smoking (weed), i believe that partly but i think it also has to do with anxiety and an unhealthy lifestyle, because everyone who has posted on here said the smell occurs in social situations. I recomend getting a shrink if it is available to you, you would benefit from talking to someone about it, even though it is so embarrasing. I agree with some of the cleansers but they seem like alot of work, i'll probably try them if this problem continues, if u get any success from them please let me know. Another thing i would suggest to you is going to see a gastro-intestinal specialist if u havent already, i am going to, to find out if something else is wrong, because i knew what it was like to feel healthy but i just do not feel right, im far from what used to be only a year ago and im convinced something is wrong because i have constant pains and unusual symptoms that no one can really explain. I know it cant all be from depression. anyways another suggestion i have for you is try to stay positive about this even though its a real shitty deal, becuase the more negative you are the less likely people are to help you. but i agree im not going to live my life like this, im sick of people calling my cell and not answering it because i dont want to make up some excuse why i cant go out. And having them call me an asshole cuz i avoid them. Im sure u have lost friends over this aswell, the best thing we can do is try every possible sollution and keep in touch.
i dont give a shit anymore im also past the embarrasment. i just want a sollution, its sad i cant even enjoy christmas.. you said you were the life of the party once, and i feel for you, if you have any questions for me ask cuz i know i have some, again sorry this is so long but im glad you saw my other post and wrote back, anyways merry Xmas and try to stay up..and please write back..


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