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Re: I really do't care if this helps or not
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: I really do't care if this helps or not

yo MX3, sounds like u got almost the same symptoms i do..

pain on my right side
trouble breathing
a tense feeling when i have to have a BM, which cause a gross clammy feeling of the rectum
joint and muscle pain
mucus and fat in stool
urinary problems
constant nasal conjestion
chest pains
indegestion and acid reflux
and of course the fecal odor

this all sucks but like u said before i go out regardless, and im not letting this shitty disease stop me from enjoying life, but your to negative dude, it wont be with us for the rest of our lives if we do something about it, hell man, i could just as soon say f**k the world like u, but im not going out like that man, i aint gunna die with out livingb life how i want to live it, saying thats just weakand ignorant, and i really dont believe you dont want them to find a cure because if u didnt u wouldnt constantly be posting on this forum, i understand u've got anger towards people but f**k it man, the main point of life is to survive, but it all depends on u if u wanna enjoy it along the way.

my inputs on what may be causing this shit-

definetely diet and lifestyle are 2 of the main factors
one that no one has really mentioned is if u have mucus and fats in your stool, it cause's the feces to stink more(this is a dis-order called steattorhea)also mucus is sticky and of course sticks to the rectum and is harder to wipe off(possibly causing feces odor to omitt from the reactum) this is why i shower after every movement if im going to go out, and it seems to help, having less embarassing moments at the bar or a friends house, although it is very inconvenient
and i also believe the odor somehow omitts from almost every oriphis on our bodies
for example i to have a strange odor coming from my mouth, even after i brush my tongue and teeth, i dont always smell but i catch wiffs
also when im drinking and i burp i believe it smells of feces or something similar to it. for example i burped and blue it in the direction of my friend and he immediately asked me if i farted.
all the idea's HOPEFULLYME has given sound like possible cause's, and as for possible solutions we can only try what has been suggested like she said.
and im intrigued by this magnesium theory, i recently started taking calcium magnesium pills so i hope that helps.
as for everyone else try to stay up, and please post often with more information, i think were already discovering more about this problem, every little bit helps.


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