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Re: flushed stones different than surgically removed stones- Spirit

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Published: 20 years ago
This is a reply to # 603,971

Re: flushed stones different than surgically removed stones- Spirit

Dear Shl, here is exactly what I said (copy/paste), and that is what I mean:

"Very few people have proof that they expelled calcified stones by flush ... only 2 confirmed stories that I know of, but considering that 98% of all flushers don't use colander on all their flushes ... if they would use it all the time ... I believe that we could certainly have several more reports ..."

Use your colander, and you will know the answers that are relevant to you, but may not have any significance for all the other people.

I used mine, but I never had gallstones, or gallbladder attack.

My grandma' did, and she got many hard calcified stones (as hard as rock), polyhedra-faceted (cubes and pyramids and ...).

So, if you judge by her experience, I MEAN THAT FLUSH DOES WORK FOR CALCIFIED STONES.

If you judge by the LaurenK's experience, you may conclude that I MEAN THAT FLUSH DOES NOT WORK FOR CALCIFIED STONES.

Please, do not make any conclusion judging by a single case. If you want to make some conclusions of value, then you need statistically large sample that will represent the global world population of gallstone sufferers, and that means thousands of people.

Before we have thousands of people who succeeded or who didn't succeed with the liver flush, any conclusion made is shallow, and falls into realm of religion.

Those who prefer surgery religiously believe that they have chosen the right therapy, those who prefer Liver Flush religiously believe that they have chosen the right therapy.
The only way for this religion to end is to do scientific research ... what means never. And even then, all that we will have is science, one that may or may not be relevant to you, considering that it is not exact, because it is based on statistics, like the rest of the medical science.

Just because something is scientifically proved to be the best therapy for the majority of people ... it still doesn't mean that the same therepy will be the best for you.
Statistics sucks! It can never give exact answers.

Unfortunately, those who are 100% sure that they have gallstones; they are the one to use colander, if they really want the proof of calcified stones being expelled with liver flush.
So far, they were minority when it comes to use colander.

The fact is that ultrasound may detect all types of stones, not just calcified, and no matter how good doctor is, he can not always be 100% sure that some stone is calcified or not, because ultrasound is not the tool that can give exact answers.

Another problem is that ultrasound can not always detect all stones; it can also sometimes miss all stones ... so ultrasound is somewhere closer to religion then to science.

We have many accounts of people who removed their Gallstones by flushing ... but more often then not, one flush was not enough.

The biggest problem with you Shl and with other people asking questions in this forum is that all of you want quick fix, and none of you ask "Why?"

Why do I suffer gallstones?

Why do I have to experience this pain?

What do I loose if I choose surgery, and what do I loos if I choose flush?

What do I gain?

Those are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself before you start asking others for their opinions.

How many of you with Gallstones ever considered Hellinger's therapy? It is the therapy that can give exact answers.

Or "Clearing" therapy? Another good therapy!

Or homeopathy? It can remove the underlying causes.

How many of you are ready to change your lifestyle`?
To giveup sugar? To giveup fried foods, matgarine, preservatives ?

How many of you ever considered that the state of your mind could have been responsible for the pain you are experiencing?

Or that the family conflict that you are in the middle of, could have been the reason for gallstones?

There are many questions, and many answers to find about one's self before real healing can take place...

Why do some people continue to suffer even after the surgery?
Why do some people continue to suffer even after the liver flush?
Why do some people have to die under the surgeon's knife?
Why do some people have to take surgery, after flush?

Why do others just get it out with no problems?

Life is not as simple as a single conclusion, or statement ... every human is different ... do not get satisfied with simple answers ... find your own answers!


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