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SAD!! How gb surgery destroyed a person's life!!!!
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Published: 17 years ago
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SAD!! How gb surgery destroyed a person's life!!!!

This is from another message board I frequent:
Hi everyone, i post mainly on the pain management
board but i thought that i would come on here, since my gallbladder surgery is what got me into this chronic 24/7 pain.
OK a little history on what happend: I had my gallbladder taken out last November 19th, 2002
because for 4 months i had nausea, heartburn,
severe upper stomach pain which the pain went from my right side up to my shoulder blades. I had gotton an ultrasound that showed alot of Gallstones plus i had a positive blood test.
well after suffering for 4 months, i thought that i would be pain free after having my g/b removed.
well guess what? i was way wrong, well all my gallbladder pain did go away ofcourse, but now i have new pain. :-(
The day after my g/b surgery (after the antisetic
wore off) that's when the pain began. It's in my upper abdomen, The pain feels like you know when you pinch yourself and keep pinching and don't stop, that's how my pain feels like 24/7. it's been going on like this since last november. :-(
I used to have alot of burning pain along with it, but the burning has went away.
Last x-mas eve i spent all day in the Emergency room because the pain was so bad.
I have had numerous tests since my g/b surgery and no one can tell me what the cause of my pain is.
The tests that i have done are: scope down the throat, EKG, CT SCan, HIda Scan, MRI, numberous blood tests, urine tests, x-rays. And all were normal.
My primary doctor now (This is my 3rd one since my g/b surgery because the other 2 doctors just gave up on me) :-(
well this doctor whom i'm seeing now is very nice, she has talked to a couple different surgerons about my pain and they said that it sounds like i have permanent nerve damage from the surgery. :-(
I have even seen a Gastro Doctor after the surgery and even the surgeon who did my g/b surgery, and both said that there's nothing that they can do to stop the pain and that i should go to a pain clinic. :-(
well i did and they are no help at all,(the pain clinic) all they want me to do is join this exercise program to go there monday thru friday from 8:30am. to 3:30pm. for 4 weeks to go swimming, go on the tread mill, etc.. now how is that going to take away my nerve pain???
The 2nd primary doctor who i saw (she was a quack) well she had me go see 2 different shrinks and told me that i should just learn to live with the pain. :-(
well this new primary doctor, has talked to surgerons, she has given me pain med's, and she is very supported she has not once said to me that i must just learn to live with the pain and learn to deal with it. I have told the people at the pain clinic that i want to see a neurologist or someone else who specializes in nerve pain and give me surgery to fix it. Since surgery is what got me into this mess, I'm assuming and hoping that surgery is going to get me out of it. I just don't want to live all of my life in chronic pain and have to take pain pills. :-(
Sorry this is so long but i just wanted everyone to know my story.
So has anyone gotton nerve damage from gallbladder surgery or any other type of surgery??
And by having surgery again did it correct it??
Thanks for reading this far! Kim

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