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What happened to me!
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Published: 19 years ago

What happened to me!

Hi everyone,
I've been meaning to write for a long, long time. The last time that I wrote on here, I think it was to Andreas about my stomach problem that I had back in, I guess, early June. Well, I thought that I had a case of food poisoning from eating a swiss cheese sandwich. But I guess that is incorrect. It seems that I was kind of ill most of the time from about January until I had my gallbladder removed in late June. Here is my story below.

I had tried hard to save my GB. Knowing what I learned from Andreas, I could have tried harder, honestly. But I tried since about Dec. 2000 and had done many cleanses throughout the years. I did pretty good, though. As a matter of fact, I felt wonderful from about late 2001 until early 2003. So I decided that I wouldn't do cleanses for that period of time that I was feeling well. That was my big mistake. I was taking Beta-TCP, which is wonderful for gallbladder problems. It really worked on me when I took 3 Tablets with each meal. It helps your digestion of fats.

Well, in late Feb. 2003, I decided to do a cleanse. It went fine, but I thought that more should come out. Then from early March 2003, I started having problems and attacks, although I hadn't had GB attacks in a long time. Actually, I went to the ER three times from early March 2003 until mid-June 2003. That gets extremely expensive when you don't have insurance. It was over $1,000 a whack each time.

On April 27th, 2003, the doctor in the ER decided to do an ultrasound on me. He found there were two small stones in my GB at the mouth of it, but he told me, "I think you can pass them, Susie." So the stones finally moved and my pain disappeared, but I decided to do a cleanse on May 17th. I thought that I had got it all. It was one of those times when I decided to make a catch, although I just passed a bunch of stuff and was satisfied that it must have been my two small stones.

In early June, I started having problems again, couldn't eat good and was having constant diarrhea. So I thought that I was having a mild case of food poisoning, which, I guess, it wasn't.

In mid-June, I went back to ER, but I had been running fever most of the night. My husband woke me up to tell me that we need to go to ER, you're burning up!!! He took my temp and it was 102, whatever. But I was at the beginning of turning yellow!!! I had a bad case of juandice (it starts at the top of your head and moves down), and it was simply because those two stones had passed when I did my cleanse and had stayed in my common bile duct. So I also had a case of pancreatis to go along with it, but I can't say that it hurt me any more than the stupid GB attacks.

So since I didn't have insurance, and since the hospital that I was at didn't have a surgeon yet, they decided to send me to a larger hospital in South Dallas. I elected to be sent there, anyway, because I had previously had a hyst there back in 1990. I had to ride the ambulance, I guess, since I didn't have insurance. Heck!!! I don't know why they did that, but I think it's cuz of that. I was too sick to argue. I was just too sick and knew that I was too sick by that time.

Well, when I get to the other hospital, they take me to the ultrasound, in which I met a horrible doctor who was constantly making fun of me for doing cleanses. He would look at my ultrasound and say, "Wow, these bile ducts are so huge, maybe you have biliary cirrhosis, which is a mean bitch!"
These are his words, not mine. I couldn't explain much because of my drugs, but I was so upset that this jerk wouldn't listen when I tried to tell him. It wouldn't have mattered with an attitude like his.

Then he said, "I can't believe you did these cleanses, it sounds like witchcraft!!!"

I tried to defend myself the best that I could, in spite of the accusations against me, but I was truly on pain meds, which I was really thankful for.

Anyway, after that rude ultrasound nit-wit said all this, they took me to a room. I had the best nurses that anyone could ask for. I will never, never forget their kindness and compassion. Truly, they are into healing people and are different than many doctors. If anyone needs to be helped in the healing field, it has to be many of these precious nurses. They really did care for me!!! BTW, I got there about 4:00 a.m. Friday morning.

On the Sabbath, which is Saturday, my husband and I had a short Bible study since I was in and out because of the meds. By late Sat. afternoon, I actually had passed one stone which was blocking my bile ducts and my juandice was disappearing. I thank Yahweh for that.

Then on Tues. afternoon, I had a ERCP, and the doctor swept my bile ducts 5 times to get rid of one stone. But I was ticked off about his surgery, because he did it so late in the day and put me off. From the time that I went into the hospital until that stupid ERCP, I only had one minor meal, which was broth and a little jello. He was supposed to do the surgery early so I could eat before my GB surgery, if I had decided to have the surgery. I actually had two surgeries: the ERCP and the Gallbladder removal.

Tuesday night, my surgeon came in and told me from the ERCP that my gallbladder had NO STONES in it at all, but the walls were extremely thickened and the GB was extended. So he asked me what I wanted to do. I told him that since the walls were thickened, I wanted it removed and asked him how he would do it.

He said, "I will go in my usual way, the keyhole surgery, then make my decision." He said, "I don't know if it'll work for you since you've had these extreme problems, but this is what I do on everyone."

I told him this: "You sound like a man of wisdom because of how you do these surgeries, and I've already studied these before." So I said, "Go ahead, do it! I don't want GB cancer at all, and I'm worried about the walls of my GB."

BTW, everyone, I never had one problem from my surgery at all. He was able to do the quick one. I never got sick from it and my blood pressure was better than it's ever been the whole time I was in the hospital. Why? The reason to me, and this is my reason, is because of Yahweh!

But to those who can save their GBs, please do so. It's better to have it than not!!! And I do realize this.

What's kind of funny is that the surgeon was sooooooooo surprised because I had no gallstones in my GB. I told the surgeon that I have proof that I had gallstones from two previous ultrasounds. However, this guy dropped off $1300 off my bill. I surely didn't argue with him! Personally, I believe that I happened to get a great surgeon. He did have mercy. The ERCP doc was kind of a jerk.


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