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Stones - 4th flush

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just_peachy Views: 2,597
Published: 18 years ago

Stones - 4th flush

Probably the wrong way of going about it, but...

Last week I did flush #3 and got a decent amount of stones, but nothing spectacular. This week I went on a 3 day apple fast and decided that even though it hadn't been 2 weeks I'd go ahead and do another liver flush. No sense in wasting all that wonderful malic acid, right?

Sidenote: Apple diet/flush of nothing but apples for 3 days definitely feels like toxins are being pulled and dumped. The 2nd and 3rd days I felt like I was *just* about to be hit hard by the flu. All the classic pre-flu symptoms, aches, and pains. Worth doing again, but not something I'm looking to repeat in the very near future. Whew!

Well, last night I was _so_ Hungry! And a little weak and spacey and pre-flu, but I stubborned it out and went through with the flush (Clark's.) Probably should not have, especially since the apple fast seems to have brought on my cycle at least a week early, but I'm rather bullheaded (and probably wasn't thinking all that clearly, hehe.)

For the 1st time flushing, I felt queasy and had a hard time falling asleep. Did pass quite a bit of obvious mucoid plaque (Yeah!) this morning and felt instantly better. Hadn't seen too many stones all day, rather disappointing actually, but just assumed it was because of flushing just last week. I felt ok most of the day, just extremely tired and even took an very uncharacteristic 2.5 hour nap this afternoon.

When I woke, I had a rather _strong_ pain right in my liver area, left side of center directly under the lowest ribs. Owie. I tried walking it out, massaging the area, acupressure points, etc, but it persisted so I drank another 3/4 cup apple juice, 1 tablespoon Epsom Salt mix about 1 hour ago. It's helping, the pain/pressure is still there but subsiding, but WOW at the stones that are coming out now! Largest this evening has been maybe 1/2 inch on it's biggest side (not the largest I've passed) but a whole lot of smaller, brown, red, and dark green hard shelled 1/4 inch stones. Hundreds of them, all at once.

Would I recommend this? Not really. Maybe a Liver Flush on the heels of an apple fast, but maybe one day out from it and not with the other extraneous conditions. I'm sore and exhausted and my side hurts, but again I'm very glad to have those little stonelets OUT!

I'm seriously thinking of waiting maybe a month before going after flush 5 (tht is, if I don't get overeager again, hehe.) Hopefully, this liver ache won't have me doing another one a lot sooner. I'll keep my mental fingers crossed.

Eh, live and learn.


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