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Trace & grand mal seizure

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Published: 17 years ago
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Trace & grand mal seizure

Trace, grand mal seizure

One story from:

Success Stories Using The Clark Method

Dear Bonnie, May 11, 1997

Our son Trace (Tr-"ace") had his first grand mal seizure on his third
birthday, February 11, 1996 (one year and three months ago). The seizure
lasted approximately 3 to 5 minutes and he was unconscious for one and a
half hours afterward. He was taken to emergency and a Pediatric Neurologist
was contacted. Since it was Sunday the Neurologist didn't come in, instead
he listened to Trace's history over the phone and advised that he be
started on Dilantin. This was the start of our nightmare.

Staph Infection At Birth:

Trace's history includes a rough first year of life. He had contracted a
staph infection in his eyes in the hospital where he was born. It quickly
spread to his ears, and at one week he had double ear infections. From that
time on he suffered chronic ear infections and was constantly on stronger
and stronger Antibiotics . At nine months, after nine double ear infections,
he had tubes placed in both ears. One month later he was finally off
Antibiotics (for a short time). He continued to have sinus problems and was
very susceptible to any illness going around, including strep throat.
During his first year he had multiple high fevers (over 104°), but had
never had a convulsion.

A Dog Bite (A Minor Puncture Wound) and Convulsions:

At 13 months Trace suffered a minor dog bite (single puncture wound) to his
left cheek. Fourteen hours after being bitten the left side of his face
swelled dramatically and his fever went over 105° despite medication. When
I picked him up to take him to emergency he began convulsing. The
convulsing lasted 10 to 15 seconds and occurred twice in a few minutes. He
was in the hospital for three days and on IV Antibiotics to resolve the
infection. He did not have any additional convulsions. At that time the
doctors did a series of blood tests to evaluate his immune system since
they felt he should not have reacted so severely to a minor puncture wound.
Nothing was found.

From that day forward whenever Trace had a high fever (over 103°) he would
occasionally have brief one second convulsions. When we told his
Pediatrician about this she said: "Febrile seizures are very common and
nothing to worry about."

When Trace was about two and a half his convulsions started occurring even
with 100° temperatures. We were again told that this was "nothing to worry

A Bump On The Head Leads To More Serious Seizures:

A month before his third birthday, January 1, 1996, Trace fell off of an 8"
stool and hit his head on the bathroom floor. He went completely limp and
was unresponsive, then suddenly his body jerked and he returned to
consciousness. We had called 911, but by the time the paramedics arrived he
appeared dazed, but normal. The paramedics were preparing to leave when
Trace suddenly convulsed again. The paramedic sitting with him on the couch
saw it and insisted he be taken to the hospital. At the hospital he had a
computed tomographic (CT) scan which was negative for swelling and they
released him to follow-up with his Pediatrician the next day.

This time his Pediatrician decided it might be wise to do an
electroencephalo-graphy (EEG) sometime in the future - but there was no rush.

Four weeks later Trace came down with a fever of 105°+ for no apparent
reason, and he had over 10 convulsions in a 24 hour period. At the
emergency room the doctors took Trace's blood for testing and scheduled the
EEG for the next day. The fever resolved in two more days. We were still
waiting for the EEG report when Trace was sent home (his blood work showed

Grand Mal Seizures:

On February 11, 1996 Trace showed no sign of being sick, but when I was
dressing him for Church I thought he jerked. I wasn't sure, and he seemed
fine, so we went to Church and thought nothing of it. Two hours later,
again for no apparent reason, he had a grand mal seizure.

From that time on his longest period without a seizure was two weeks. At
first the doctors were optimistic because up to this time he had developed
normally and was a very intelligent child. These were good indications.
However, we found out that the convulsions or jerks that he had been having
since he was 13 months old were not normal febrile seizures. They were
myoclonic jerks which are not common.

Despite increased medications the myoclonic seizures became a daily
occurrence as well as almost daily grand mal seizures. In addition, we now
had to deal with the side effects of his medications.

Over the next six months the doctors went from optimistic to confused to
sorry. Trace went from our normal three year old son to a child who could
barely walk, talk or feed himself, let alone play or enjoy life.

Five Different Types of Seizures/Over 100 Each Day:

Trace had five different types of seizures: Tonic-clonic (grand mal),
myoclonic, atomic or drop seizures, absence (petit mal) and atypical
absence. At his worst he had over 100 seizures a day. The specialists at
UCSF Epileptology Center didn't have anything to offer and they felt our
doctors were proceeding just as they would.

Some medications would help for a few days or at best a week, and then he'd
get worse than before. We spent weeks on end in the Pediatric ICU since he
was frequently in status epilepticas. They did multiple EEGs including one
with a 24 hour closed circuit TV. They did multiple MRIs, spinal taps, and
blood tests. Nothing produced answers.

The Ketogenic Diet Proves Devastating:

Finally we turned to the Ketogenic Diet, a very radical high fat diet used
with children with uncontrollable seizures. We though this was God's answer
to our prayers. We were going to give it our best shot. Our son almost died
from it. He was unable to eat or drink the high fat liquids and foods which
are necessary for the diet to work. He would vomit everything right back up
and finally refused to eat altogether. The doctors and the dietitian felt
that eventually he would get hungry enough that he would eat anything. He
dropped from a very thin 30 pounds to 24 ½ pounds and became so weak he
could hardly sit up - and the seizures never let up.

Prayers and God's Helpers:

We prayed everyday for answers and we had people all over the west coast
praying and searching for answers.

Many people were sending us information about alternative treatments,
diets, supplements, etc. When we would get something that sounded feasible
or made sense we would ask the doctors about it. One friend of ours, Linda
Paris, was very persistent in sending us any information she could find.

"Pay attention! Here's the answer that you've been asking for!"

It was Linda Paris who told us about Dr. Clark's book The Cure For All
Cancers and the possibility that seizures might be related to parasites.
(She had used the liver cleanse recipe in the book for some health problems
she had had and it had been very effective.)

Because of Trace's dog bite the information about parasites immediately
touched something inside of us. At this time Trace was in the hospital due
to status epilepticas and we asked the doctors if his condition could be
caused by or related to parasites and we mentioned, again, about the dog
bite. They said there was no chance: "Something would have shown on the
MRIs or the blood tests, etc." We didn't think much more about it until two
weeks later when Linda sent us a copy of a chapter out of another of Dr.
Clark's books. The book was The Cure For All Diseases (Linda had found it
in her health food store). I did not like the title and was very skeptical
when I began reading. The first sentence made me even more skeptical:
"Seizures are always caused by Ascaris." My first thought was: "No way!"
But, after reading the whole chapter, I couldn't shake the feeling that
this made a lot of common sense. It connected so directly with different
experiences we had had with Trace that I felt like God was slapping me in
the face and saying: "Pay attention! Here's the answer that you've been
asking for!" For instance, when Trace had been seizure free for a week and
seemed to be doing well, why did he go into status epilepticus out of the
blue . . . two hours after he had eaten Chinese food? He always ate his
favorite Chinese food: chicken chow mein and sweet and sour pork (MSG, red
dye, canned pineapple and pork). Also, he didn't get soda at home, but when
we went out to a Chinese restaurant he would always have soda (Xylene,

Trace Diagnosed with Lennox-Gestaut:

One week after reading Dr. Clark's information our doctors informed us that
they believed what we had feared most was true . . . Trace had
Lennox-Gestaut, a relatively rare, incurable and progressive form of
epilepsy. The prognosis was that he would be severely retarded in three to
five years. He was already non-functional due to 100+ seizures per day and
the side effects of the four different drugs he was taking. The doctors
said he would most likely die in his teens to early twenties of one
continuous seizure.

All the doctors had to offer were some experimental and/or
out-of-the-country drugs which might slow the process and to attempt the
Ketogenic Diet again by putting a tube into his stomach. We couldn't accept

An Avenue of Hope Leads To Success:

I tracked down Dr. Clark and called her clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. I was
able to talk directly to Dr. Clark. I told her my son's condition, his
diagnosis and prognosis. She said: "Bring him down immediately." I asked
her: "Do you think you can help him?" She said: "I think I can cure him,
bring him down." Faced with doctors who didn't think they could do anything
for Trace and one who said she could cure him, we felt it was pretty
obvious what we should do.

Nevertheless, we were scared. Especially about taking a sick child into
Mexico - we had heard that Tijuana was not the most honest or the cleanest
place in the world. We got lots of different opinions about what we were
about to do from friends, family and especially Trace's doctors.

The people who had seen Trace at his worst understood why we had to pursue
this avenue of hope. Even Trace's Neurologist supported us. He didn't
believe it would work but he said he would probably do the same if it were
his child.

The first day we went to the clinic we were relieved by its appearance and
location. Trace had a blood test and a technician took a saliva sample for
Syncrometer testing (Trace refused to be probed so all Syncrometer testing
was done using his saliva). We talked with many patients already being
treated - mainly for cancer. The stories were amazing - all of Dr. Clark's
patients were dramatically better or even cured.

The second day we saw Dr. Clark. She reviewed and compared the Syncrometer
and blood tests. She told us what was wrong with Trace and what needed to
be done to correct it. She wrote out a whole list of things we needed to
do. She tested my husband and me for Ascaris and we were both positive.
(Before we left for Mexico, on Dr. Clark's instructions by phone, we had
given away our dog and steam cleaned our carpets.)

We left her office completely overwhelmed. The scariest thing was that she
told us Trace would have to come off of all of his medication (because it
was contaminated with benzene and was killing his liver).

We returned home with a Zapper and all the supplements that Dr. Clark told
us to get. Two days later we saw our Neurologist. He reviewed Dr. Clark's
tests and recommendations. Her blood test checked out against his and, in
his opinion, nothing Dr. Clark recommended seemed dangerous - except
stopping the medications. But, since they didn't seem to be doing much good
anyway, he gave us a conservative schedule for tapering Trace off all of
his medications.

We started Trace zapping (7 minutes on and 20 minutes off, three
consecutive times, repeated once a day) and taking ½ teaspoon of Black
Walnut Tincture Extra Strength in ½ a glass of water twice a week. (This
regime is to be continued for two years.) During the first week Trace's
seizures got worse, especially when we began reducing his medication. The
first dramatic improvement we noted was when we began giving Trace taurine
three times a day. This seemed to reduce the drop seizures and myoclonic
jerks. Over the next two weeks Trace went from 100+ seizures per day to
seizure-free!! His nighttime and early morning seizures were the last to go.

Herbal Modifications:

Even though cloves and Wormwood capsules were not appropriate for Trace
both my husband and I were instructed to take them. My husband does not
take the Black-Walnut Tincture because it contains alcohol, but I take it,
and we are both zapping.

Syncrometer Investigation Proves Successful:

When attending the Syncrometer class I had one of Trace's stuffed animals
tested. It tested positive for toluene, a solvent highly toxic to the
brain. Trace slept with stuffed animals all over his bed. The day I
returned home from the Syncrometer class we removed all stuffed animals
from his room - and that was his first night seizure-free!

Temporary Setbacks:

Trace went 25 days seizure-free and during that time we were able to
eliminate two medications. Then, on the 23rd day, before we could stop him,
he hugged a dog. He put his face right in the dog's fur and gave him a big
hug. We zapped him that night and the next night, but he woke up the
following morning with a grand mal seizure. We asked ourselves: "Why didn't
the Zapper stop the parasites from returning to the brain?" We speculated
that since Trace had a chronic runny nose that possibly the parasites were
shielded in his fluid-filled sinuses. Dr. Clark reports that it takes as
little as two days for Ascaris eggs to hatch and the microscopic larva to
travel back to the seizure center of the brain.

Trace had one other relapse 15 days following the first. It occurred two
days after a visit to his Pediatric Neurologist. At the Neurologist's
office, while waiting in the waiting room, he played on the floor with
other children who have seizures - and they were all handling the same
toys. This second relapse resulted in the most violent grand mal seizure he
ever had. However, with multiple zapping and administering Black-Walnut
Tincture Extra Strength, he was back to normal by 2 pm (after waking up
with the seizure that morning).

Both relapses occurred less than two days after Trace was exposed to likely
parasite egg-carriers and we believe the parasite eggs hatched and reached
his brain in less than two days because of his fluid-filled sinuses being
directly in front of his brain.

Trace has now been seizure-free and medication-free for ten months. He has
no apparent deficits or delays. His chronic runny nose resolved three days
after his last dose of anti-seizure medication.

During the past 10 months Trace got sick one time and we discovered it was
because our Zapper was broken. His fever went to 104°, but he didn't have a
single twitch, let alone a seizure.

We have learned to give Trace a dose of Black-Walnut Tincture Extra
Strength after exposure to animals or situations which are high risk for
parasites, and then we continue from there with his twice per week dosage.

"Trace, The Miracle Child"

One month ago Trace had an EEG because his Neurologist wanted to see what
it would show. His EEG was completely normal!!!

According to our doctors no child diagnosed with Lennox-Gestaut has ever
been seizure-free, medication-free, or had normal development and a normal
EEG before. The doctors call Trace "The Miracle Child." We know God blessed
us with a miracle and Dr. Clark was His tool.

Through hearing about our experience many other people have produced
dramatic changes in their health by pursuing Dr. Clark's methods. Among the
people following Dr. Clark's methods, after hearing about Trace, are two
other patients of our Neurologist. One was given our number by the
Neurologist himself. We dearly thank Dr. Clark for all she has done.

Neways, A Company With Carcinogen Free/Solvent-Free Personal Care Products:

Our life has recently become a little easier, in regard to following Dr.
Clark's instructions for a solvent-free life. We were introduced to a
company named Neways that claims to make carcinogen-free and solvent-free
health and personal care products. I was, of course, very skeptical of this
since many products claiming to be natural or pure had failed testing with
my Syncrometer. A friend gave me samples of Neways' shampoos, body washes,
toothpaste and multipurpose cleaners. I tested them with my Syncrometer and
they tested clean. Not completely confident with my own results, I sent six
of their products to be tested by Carmen Myers at the Self Health Resource
Center. Five out of the six tested completely clean. The sixth Carmen felt
might have a trace amount of tetrazine (a yellow food coloring ). Tetrazine
is not associated with any specific health problem but Dr. Clark advises
against it because it is difficult for the kidneys to eliminate. Carmen's
tests were not conclusive for tetrazine, but I contacted the company anyway
to ask about it. They assured me that no dyes are used in processing their
products. I am inclined to trust them because of the purity of their other
products. I have been thrilled to find such pure products. Dr. Clark has
been invited to the Neways' plant to test all their products. Hopefully she
will do this soon.

The five completely pure products are:

1. Maximol Solutions - a colloidal mineral solution with vitamins, amino acids
and enzymes.
2. Silken Mild Family Shampoo
3. Purge - a parasite cleanse formula
4. Radiance - a tooth paste that also whitens
5. Eliminator - a mouthwash and multipurpose antibacterial, antimold, antifungal

The Product with a slight possibility of Tetrazine but otherwise pure:

1. Revenol - a super antioxidant containing pycnogenol from pine bark and

grapeseed extract


Do you have questions? Please call and I'll be happy to answer any
questions you might have. Call: Cynthia Miller (209) 745-9638.

God Bless.

Cynthia Miller
893 Black Canyon Court
Galt, CA 95632
(209) 745-9638


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