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How to count stones? Why should I try to keep my stones?
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Published: 20 years ago
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How to count stones? Why should I try to keep my stones?

How to count stones ?
Why should I try to keep my stones ?

You can use white, plastic colander that fits and put it into toilet bowl.

Holes shoild not be bigger then 2 mm, or small stones (that are very
common) will go straight through.

Then, after empting intestines, when you see something inside colander (stones), you wash them with water.

Then you put them on the white paper, to dry them.

Then you can count them, take a photo, cut them, weight them, examine them with rubber glowes, knife, microscope, water, nose, vinegar, oils, ...

You can try to find what can dissolve them, for example.

If you have any knowledge of chemistry, try to use it.

To preserve them for longer then 1 day, you can freez them or put thme in formaldehyde or vinegar.

If you don't, it may happen they get "attacked" by intestinal bacteria, and converted into fatty cholesterol acids.
Some stones are so solid that they don't need to be preserved.

Unles you wear a special mask, you will for sure notice the smell, (very different then feces).

You will see that they are not soap, or feces.

Soap or feces is water soluable, liver and GB stones are not.
Soap smell different. Feces smell different. Oil smell different.

Soap and feces are heavier then water, most stones float, even after many months in water.

Why should you try to keep your stones?

As there is almost nothing in modern Science to be found about those stones and flushing, we, everybody here, including you, are just collecting facts and experiences to bridge that scientific gap.

You and I have chance to contribute to modern Science as much as anyone else.

It is very important to take a photo and/or to keep those stones.
After one year you may forget how big stones you passed 12 months gao, and how many?

After few months you may get a chance or money to anlyze them and know what they are made from?

After few years you may want to show it to your kids, grandchildren,
relatives, friends, doctor, ...

How many of you asked question: What are the facts and Science about flush and stones?

Why don't may doctor recomends it ?

Why ther is almost nothing in literature about stones, liver and link to allergies, shoulder pain, ashtma, colitis, cancer ... ?

If you want your children to avoid asking that questin, then you, and we all should do something to collect as many fats as we can.

Photo is the most simple proof of succesful flush.

Your story as also a great contribution to science.


Few things to remember when posting your story! Do not forget to write:

- Your age and gender (gender, because names like Danielle, Denis, Robin, Dax, P.T., J.K. ... can be nick names, or real names both male and female.

This group is international, and not everyone knows that Danielle is
a male name. )

- your health and symptoms with as many details as you can remember.
- number of stones you got, size, colour, (even smell), and take a photo, (does not have to be digital !!!)

- if this is your 3rd or 6th or 12th flush, say that. Say also if and how do you feel, after so many flushes, ...
- how many people you personally know who did this cleanse
- how many members of your familly should do this cleanse ....

- a new members are signing to this group every day, do not be affraid to repeat all this info after every cleanse you do.

Help yourself, and help others. Bring facts to the surface.

If you don't do your best to bring the facts, tomorrow, you will be
watching you grandchildren suffer from allergies, asthma, ear pain, ... harmfull medications, and you will not be able to change that, becuse your son-in-law (or daughter-in-law or ...) is a doctor or sceptic and/or he/she does not believe in what you say, because that is just a "quackery".


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