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SAFETY: CHILDREN? Can Children cleanse liver and gallbladder?

Epsom Salt Encapsulated
Hulda Clark Cleanse Kits


Epsom Salt Encapsulated
Hulda Clark Cleanse Kits

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Published: 19 years ago

SAFETY: CHILDREN? Can Children cleanse liver and gallbladder?


>Can Children cleanse liver and gallbladder?



Healthy kids older then 15 should do at least 1 cleanse a year!

Kids with health problems should do at least 1 cleans a month.

If you can make your kid drink mixture of olive oil/grapefruit juice, then your kid can do liver clkeanse.

Most likely, kids should be older then 7. (It is almost impossible to make younger child drink olive oil/ grapefruit juice! )

Amount of olive oil can be 3/4 or 1/2 of adult dose.
Amount of Epsom Salt can be 3/4 or 1/2 of adult dose.

You can replace all water (3 cups ) in Hulda's Cleanse with freshly pressed Grapefruit juice, or freshly pressed apple juice.

Dissolve Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate = MgSO4 + 7H2O) in 3 cups of freshly pressed juice.

That way, you can't taste Epsom salt, and body will absorb more of it.

The more you absorb, the more relaxed and more flexible bile ducts will be.

It may happen you don't get strong diarrhea!

Some people may absorb all, and they may need extra, or enema, to get diarrhea.
It is very tasty and pleasant, compared with Epsom Salt dissolved in water.

This alternative is great for kids!
If kids are small (10 years), do not give more then 1/4 cup of olive oil!

Kids can also take 1/2 tea-sp. of magnesium sulfate daily, with freshly pressed juice (apple, grapefruit, orange,....)


Here are few stories:

One girl, age 9, passed cholesterol stones size of a little almond.
Scroll down to read whole message.

One girl, age 10, passed cholesterol stones size of a Golf Ball!
Scroll down to read whole message.

I know of 5 other kids, ages from 10 to 14 who did Dr.Clark cleanse,
with epsome salt (80% of adult dose).

Girl of 14 did full adult dose. No stones. She did not have any
health problems. No food intolerance. She just did it to try it.

Smaler kids did smaler dose.
Dose of olive oil was 80% of dose for adults, 80% of 8oz, ca 6,5oz.

2 kids got small stones, cholesterol, no stone bigger then 5 mm in
its smallest diametar. They have had food intolerance problems.

Stones were not round shaped.

2 kids (one of them girl of 12) threw up almost all oil/juice in the
evening, 2 hours after drinking, around 24:00.

She have had (girl of 12) food intolerance problems. She will try
flush again.

Throwing oil could be the reason for not getting Gallstones out, if she has stones.


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Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1999 22:24:46 +0100
From: blente@xxx)
Subject: My Gallstones story, and my daughter

1. cleansing.

First I did the cure following Hulda Clark .
I did it pretty well: App one hundred green cholesterol-stones
from some few mm. up to 12mm. came out during the day. No pain at

And I had a feeling of peace and wellbeing filling my hole body.
I might have had something like that feeling in my youth?
But it lasted very short.
Meanwhile I know that it is waiting for me
sometime in the close future, after some more cleansing.

But, my children got worried .. maybe they had too?
So my daughter, 9 year old, decided to clean it up.
My son thought it a good idea:
Maybe he could tolerate more sweet
afterwards? So in fact he didn´t do it yet!



Thinking of my little daughter drinking the Epsom salt,
I sat down for a while.

And I decided not to use Epsom. We ate little in the
morning and only some fruit in the afternoon.

22.00 we took the drink with oil and grapefruit as described
from Clark and went to bed.
2.00 I had the first break through.
It went on through the morning after and I got another heap out.

My daughter ate 1kg grapes and got among others the one
already described at the size of a little almond.

So we did it very simple, and we did it well. Even without Epsom.

Only I have the question weather the possibility
is there that we absorb more of the cholesterol
back to the liver again?

So maybe we have to do the cleansing much more times this way?

If you don´t know
time will show.



From: (Ole Blente)
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 22:50:11 +0100
Subject: [gallstones] Re: Review

From: (Ole Blente)

I now complete the story from my 9 year old daughter: Maja Therese.
After having experienced me doing my first cleansing and having heard
talk about what the liver is forced to do when we eat goodies and 2.
quality food, she decided immediately to cleanse too. And so she did.
The next time I prepared to cleanse, she joined me:

We ate little in the morning - no fat, no milk - and
only some fruit in the afternoon.
22.00 we took the drink with oil and grapefruit as described from
and went to bed.
Maja Therese slept good all night through. The next morning she ate 1
grapes and got lots of Gallstones out. The biggest one at the size of
little almond.
This happened two weeks ago.
She often had to break the meal because of pain in the stomach, lay
on the floor for a moment. Sometime she had it in the night, crying
Within these two weeks she didn´t have one pain.
She also used to have dry, sandy skin on her hands, for as long as I
Within these two weeks the skin has become moist and soft as it should
She is very happy that she did it and is telling her mates about it.
And of course: She is going to do another cleansing very soon!



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From: ”Karma Tucker”
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 17:22:23 -0500
Subject: [gallstones] Liver Flush

I don´t remember if I posted about my daughter and her cleanse. She is
ten, but has had allergies and asthma for quite some time. When she was a baby, she had trouble getting her bowels moving even though I nursed her. My husband´s grandfather said that her bile was slow to kick in. I have wondered if these things were reasons that she had allergies and asthma.

About a month ago, maybe a little longer, she was having some really bad asthma problems. I was having to put her on the nebulizing machine each night for several treatments. I was beginning to think I was going to have to take her to the emergency room because we couldn´t get her airways opened up. Each night was getting worse, so we decided to give her a liver cleanse. It was a pretty rough night for her even though we gave her the Ornithine capsules.

She kept the olive oil down for a few hours, then threw it up, which was discouraging to me. I thought we had wasted our time. But the next
morning, she started passing HUGE stones. I had done three cleanses prior to this, so knew what she was going to go through. Her stones were much larger than anything I passed though.

She passed hundreds of small ones, but the most amazing thing was the
amount of large ones she passed. If you put your forefinger and thumb
together to form a circle that is an idea of the size of stones she passed.

I´m saying at they were over 1 1/2” in diameter. She passed about 15 of
them this size and one that was even bigger. It was about the size of a
golf ball!!! I was teasing her that her liver wasn´t even as big at these HUGE things coming out of her. The most important thing about it was that she hasn´t had an asthma attack since!

That is incredible.

Another benefit that I have notice from both of them, plus myself is weight coming off. My daughter lost about ten pounds, which put her right where she needed to be for her age and height. My husband lost weight, but it is too soon to see if it will stay off. :-)



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