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My story - PMS, panic attacks, cleansing ...
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Published: 19 years ago
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My story - PMS, panic attacks, cleansing ...

To the owner of Curezone:

I was thrilled to find your website. I have been a strong believer in holistic medicine for over 20 years because it literally saved my life. I am currently in Syria where I have been for the past year and won't return to the US for another month. The reason I mention that is that health food stores and the array of products we have available to us in the US are not the case here. I needed a kidney and Colon Cleanse and your website provided me with the information I needed with the foods and products I have available to me here.

My Oriental Medicine doctor, Dr. Paul Campbell of Santa Monica, California has taught me so much and took me through an 18 month journey to return to better than ever health through cleanses, homeopathies and weekly acupuncture. That took place about 25 years ago.

When I first went to Paul I had basically been told by western doctors that my asthma would only get worse and the other problems weren't of a nature they could address.
I was bloated, gray in color, chronically constipated for a week at a time, experiencing panic attacks in the middle of the night, having trouble sleeping, extreme PMS, and multiple female problems.

In retrospect I realize that my body was extremely toxic and my liver, kidneys and lung were almost shut down. The changes I had to make other than the regular acupuncture appointments weren't that drastic. I changed my diet to incorporate more live foods, drank a lot of bottled water and went through the cleanses.

The cleanses were a trip. I was basically in an intense state of detox for about 12 months. I did a lung cleanse with a tea and had the acupuncture treatments specifically for that, about 2 times and the asthma went away.
It now only returns when I eat several allergic foods at the same time or a high dairy. The Orientals believe that with asthma the lung temperature is too cold and they adjust the main meridian of the body (The Triple Heater) like a thermostat and bring the temperature up. It worked for me and the fact that I didn't delay on dealing with it preventing possible lung damage and I'm sure more complications in healing later on.

The big cleanses were the liver and kidney. I detoxed everything down to my toe nails I think. I didn't start with any regular elimination for about 6 months and in the meantime Paul had me do fresh Watermelon juice when needed. My system was so overloaded with toxins that it took that long to be able to function normally on it's own.

Once the kidneys cleared my PMS and panic attacks disappeared. I hadn't gone specifically for that but they are related to the kidneys and with the acupuncture and the cleanse it just happened. Western medicine would have put me on strong anti-depressants and sent me to a shrink.

I did manage to add about 30-40 minutes of exercises on a small in-house trampoline about 5 days a week. I was discouraged that I wasn't losing any weight but Paul explained that my liver was so busy cleaning itself out that it couldn't handle the fat situation now and that would change. It did.

During these two cleanses I was still experiencing frequent female problems and infections. I had gone through a very long and difficult period in my life that included too much stress, alcohol, and one very negative energy person, all of which have since been eliminated.

Even though I had changed everything in my life after about 6 months I still felt like I had a black cloud following me around and my luck and quality of life still sucked. I discussed this with Paul and he said he should have thought of it before due to the female problems so he treated me for evil chi or perverse evil, great huh? He put the needles in and passed a crystal over me that felt like he was sprinkling glitter over me. He told me we would only know if it worked if things changed and I would experience some residue coming out of my skin.

Well everything seemed to change immediately like the clouds clearing and I did experience some residue out through my skin. That was the understatement of the year. Like the old Ponds Cold cream ad that advertised their 7 day beauty plan and that people would notice you after only 3 days, well they noticed and stared at me for about 6 months. Paul used to tell me that it was future disease coming out of me, my girlfriends said that if that was future disease they would prefer to leave it in. It was a commitment for sure. But it was a big part of the problem and the end result was looking about 10 years younger, wonderful natural color with radiant skin and a very healthy working system.

I went through more improvements as the first year ended. It taught me a great deal and since I have worked in Western medicine (mainly in surgery) for 25 years I have a very strong understanding of both forms of medicine and feel both have a place. I just feel that cleansing and natural therapies should be tried first or maintained because many problems won't even surface if you do.

Paul told me later that he should have submitted a case study on me because he felt I would absolutely have developed a terminal disease in not too long because of my toxicity levels and medical problems.

I have recently written a booklet and I am referencing your website in it for their reference. I have given some much information to lay people over the years about the western medical system, it's doctors and how to deal with them that I decided to write a booklet on it. I had been encouraged to do so by many people. I ended up doing about half of it on specific areas and the worth of alternative medicine and cleansing.

Thank you and when I get out of Dodge here I plan on sending a donation to your fine work.

Deborah Boggs-Jalhoum


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