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Fighting Candida by Understanding the Organism
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Published: 18 years ago
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Fighting Candida by Understanding the Organism

Dear Mr McKay, i wanted to find out about candida of the lungs, and came across your page. i found it very interesting and educational,and only wish my GP and Consultants were as informed as yourself. i note you referred to strokes being an effect from the candida. as i have this candida on my lungs and sinuses and a brain scan showing a slight stroke, and am constantly being put on prednislone (prednisone) I am indeed concerned for my health. Although im not in the medical profession, and am only the patient have you any suggestions as to educate those that are treating me, as they dont seem to be looking at the whole picture or taking this very seriously. I could download your page but i doubt if it would be read.
many thanks

Thank you for your recent inquiry.

Candida is basically, drug resistant. That is, they can transfer DNA and thereby "upgrade" their internal resources. It allows them to become stronger and stronger, as a remarkable means of survival. Were it not for this feature, drug resistant species would not even exist - but the whole course of the developmental logic within the medical sciences is predicated on the exact opposite assumption, as they all assent to the medium of evolution. In short, the candida, get stronger and stronger, regardless of the Antibiotic (or steroid) used; (and often in the final analysis) when the Antibiotics (or steroids) only cause them to get stronger and stronger, the Doctors have no idea as to what is actually going on. For example, my land lady had candida in the lungs. It got into her blood stream by way of an infected tooth, I finally deduced, and the pneumonia that rapidly set in came on so rapidly that she nearly died of it. The doctor was giving her the best, newest, strongest Antibiotics on the market - and she had previously worked in his very offices for a number of years! I suspected candida, for one reason, I could smell it being emitted from her body! That same day I went to my computer and typed in a search, "candida pneumonia" and up popped the essence of the whole problem - she had over whelming candida - and when it gets into the lungs, about 27% expire within only a few days without anyone even knowing the cause. It is usually only found on a post mortum (mortuary) diagnosis - so you are blessed in that regard. At least they know what the heck it is that you've actually got.

Now if they only understood it! Ah! That's the real problem. Tell them to order a copy or go to their medical library and look up the reference at the bottom of this paragraph, which fully explains the whole discovery on how drug resistant bacteria transfer DNA and they DO NOT RELY ON EVOLUTION, i.e., they are actually thriving(!) based on their ability to transfer DNA! And - this is why ANY OF THE DRUG RESISTANT DISEASES are able to so rapidly emerge from time to time - while completely overwhelming both the medical practitioner's mind, and whatever organs are involved within the unsuspecting patient! To better understand drug resistant bacteria, or to just grasp the real details of the discovery, see: Brinton, Charles C., Jr., "The properties of the sex pili, the viral nature of 'conjugal genetic transfer systems and possible approaches to the control of bacterial drug resistance," CRC Reviews in Microbiology, supplement, May 1971, pages 105-158.

I am so sorry, but I must most respectfully add that thus far, the medical community has not been able to see past the entire system of logic that they have already in place! I can, however, explain a little more of it to you. Since candida thrive when oxygen levels are low, as soon as I found out what it was I went to my Landlady and handed her some Capric acid tablets and five dry vitamin E. Do not use "oily E" to do this - let me warn you. Only use Dry E, that is, it will say only "d-alpha tropheryl succinate" and no other ingredients will be listed on the back label except "Vitamin E, 400 IU (each)." You will find that capric acid is abundant in coconut oil. I have included a "click on this web site," for you. I suggest you print it out, and take it to your doctors: I would order enough coconut oil, from any of the virgin coconut oil that you might like to choose, to include cooking purposes - and you will not want to use any more store bought cooking oil once you try it. You can put it on your hair, and otherwise ingest it, as a salad oil, etc. Also, read up on what diseases befall those persons who use coconut oil as their primary source of oil and fats - and you will be absolutely amazed. One warning, be aware, that extreme heat will often adversely affect any type of oil.

The vitamin e is used to bring up the oxygen levels in your blood, and it will also remove a great number of harmful impurities and toxins from your blood stream. ANY female problems you may be having will promptly vanish. It will also work at greatly increasing the ability of your hemoglobin to move oxygen, without any effort or strain on you, whatsoever. It does have a minor blood thinning effect. Considering your condition, you should take five a day for a number of weeks, as the candida wear! down very slowly.

These bacteria, candida and others that transfer DNA, are so difficult to detect because they carry the same proteins on their membranes that are common to whatever the tissue is that they invade. In other words, they pick up what is "you," relative to the immune system, and when the immune system addresses them - that is all it "sees." It's a lot like trying to detect white objects, on a white background. Nothing readily shows up. The only way to get them to falter, is to change the white background. This can be done by running your acid levels sky high, I believe, by eating grapefruit and oranges for breakfast and lunch. Eventually, in a matter of weeks possibly, your acid level will go out of sight, and the candida are largely unable to cope with this problem. Nor will you, for any great length of time. When you get to this state, however, the candida will have you coughing and you will think you have a tremendous cold coming on. At least, that's how it felt to me, when I changed over to a highly acid diet. Then a miracle happened. I started taking "Silvia Solution, Liquid Silver" for my "cold." I was putting a large number of drops in my water each day, and in less than a week I had consumed almost the whole bottle, 4 oz. Granted, (some suppliers recommend taking Colloidal Silver by the tea spoon, but over a span of five days) I found 4 oz., to be very very hard on my system. It could have possibly killed me, but I am a large man, and I know how to lay down and be still, so my body can heal. I would NOT RECOMMEND anyone take as much SILVER solution as I did! In any event, the (colloidal) silver kills the candida on contact, and my body was flooded with the liquid silver solution.

What caused me to take so much of it, I do remember. I was eating two very rich brownies, early on during those days, and being overwhelmed for the millionth time, by "too much sugar!" It was just like the candida were all putting out some kind of sleep time poison into my stomach, as they rapidly knocked me down. At the time, I put just a little water in a cup, squirted in a large quantity of the Silva Solution, and swished it around in my mouth. Instantly, I could feel a great amount of relief! So I punched my finger into a piece of the fudge squares, made a little pocket, and then filled it up with the Silva Solution. Then I chewed it up, and swallowed it. In almost an instant all the adverse feelings left me! I was instantly as good as if I had not eaten any Sugar - so I went ahead then and joyfully at the rest of the brownie! And after that, I was squirting the Silva Solution into my ice water on a very regular basis. On the bottle it says, "for colds and flue, runny nose, sore throat, cough, headaches, stuffy nose, nausea, chills and night sweats."

What you might possible like to know is that when I went back to get a second bottle(!) I found a nasal bottle was also available, and it was marked as "Silva Solution Pro 50." I purchased one of those too. It says, "FORE SORE THORATS AND RASHES, minor skin irritations, stuffy nose, dry and sore throat." That stuff really packed a whallop. I sprayed it in my nose and the effect was immediate - as well as very lasting. I had a rash under my arms, and it couldn't stand up to the "liquid silver." I would put some in my hand and just splash it under my arms. In no time at all, the rash that had been with me, unconquerable for 5 months or more, was completely gone. Moreover, I have no doubt that it too was, candida. Likewise, a rash in my groin area also responded to the liquid silver treatment. I would use the liquid silver one day, and the "silver spray" the next, alternating. The "silver spray" does have a number of added ingredients, but it obviously knocks the candida and everything else, dead. All of that area cleared up too! Completely! For a good write up on Candida and Silver, you may want to go to: .

When all this began to happen, I knew that I had the candida "on the run." I had dropped off from eating the grapefruit and oranges as soon as my mouth began to have more acid in it than I could possibly stand. What was happening was that the candida were failing! They were starting to show up, no longer being like "white spots" on a "white background!" I had managed to shift both the background and the candida - and then my immune system came on!

I could feel it working!!! What a miracle!! My rashes all went away!! My tiredness all went away, and I began feeling great! I truly believe that we don't eat or chew up our foods like we should, and every particle of food is a safe haven for thousands of the candida. So I started blending two stalks of celery, about a half a cup of juice, one carrot (sometimes), ice cubes, and some frozen blueberries. The blue berries will help your eyes, tremendously. I drank that once or twice a day - and it gave so many extra targets for the candida that were so very very small, that the normal flora was able to get a great head start in terms of the digestive process. Anyway, that's how I see it.

You can, and should, just eat plums when you feel like you need to go to the bathroom. The medications for this, are nothing but extracts(!) from plumbs, so save your money on that one! Just to be fair, you may also try taking some "threelac" which is available on the internet. It works well, it is the kind of thing that you must keep on taking, however. I have attached a few articles for you to read and print out. Be sure to give them a copy of the Flax oil report. I would suggest you start taking flax seed oil, as explained in Dr. Johanna Budwig diet, as attached. See what you think about all this, and please, get back to me as soon as you can. I believe that the attached FLAX OIL REPORT will explain perfectly, why the candida are able to thrive within your body! Please read and consider it, with great care!

After Thirty Years of Researching Cancer I found this Diet
and I am Sending It For You and Your Friends - From Bruce D. McKay,
If Is Proven To Actually Stop Cancers, Diabeties, and Many Other
Dr Johanna Budwig Diet
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Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese
Six time Nobel award nominated doctor says this essential nutrient
combination actually prevents and cures cancer!

HOME - The Cancer Homepage

Read Flaxseed oil Testimonials :

Dr.Johanna Budwig Mix:

Put in your blender:
1 cup Organic cottage cheese (low fat, not too hard one, best make your
(or yogurt)
2-5 Tbsp. of flaxseeed oil-
1-3 Tbsp. of freshly ground up flaxseed (coffee grinder ($15) works
enough water to make it soft
little cayenne
little garlic
little red pepper
little champagne
Make it very soft. Eat some of it every day. (PS Adjust
for your taste !)

Lastly, do you have any pets? They too, are possibly loaded with candida, as is your husband or other members in your household. Please let me know. I do have some additional information for you that I am working on at this time, and it is not yet available. It will be soon, however.


Bruce D. McKay, Elijah


You should also do a search on prednisone. It knocks down inflammatory problems, if that is what you’ve been taking. Look and be sure. Also, search for “silver, candida” and it will bring up a web page titled “ Colloidal Silver Supplies” on the web at this address:*session*id*key*=*session... The authors are British. They evidently have an ample amount of worthwhile scientific background, and they write, “Drugs that upset the ecological balance of the intestinal flora and suppress the immune system will allow Candida overgrowth. Cortisone, prednisone, and other steroid-type drugs give the opportunist Candida all the growing space it needs. Our defense system becomes paralyzed by these drugs. The birth control pill and estrogen contribute to the abnormal growth of Candida by upsetting the hormonal balance.” You need to go there and get all the facts. Read it very closely – it contains some highly important facts that may be a great help to you.

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