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Re: Is anyone else slightly disturbed by this?
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Is anyone else slightly disturbed by this?

I can understand how you would be disturbed by this if you are just opening up your eyes to real health issues. That is, what they don't want us to know. People are taught to listen to their doctors and take their prescriptions and believe the government is doing what is best for you. Drink your milk and eat your beef and preservatives , take our flu shots and vaccines so we can help put your in your grave. If you look at the real facts and statistics of our health care crisis, you will understand more of why some of us have decided to take health in our own hands. It is very hard to believe a lot of what Anunnaki has said if you are still in a world of doctor knows best.

You do need to read and find the real facts for yourself. Anunnaki gave you excellent reading suggestions. I am still learning too, Anunnaki is a wealth of information and has helped me open new doors to my health recovery. Take the time, your health depends on it. I have been close to death from their miracle drugs and I am never going back there again. I was poked and proded for 14 years with tests, x-rays, drugs for lupus and fibromyalgia. They don't have a clue what they are doing, masking symptoms with drugs that don't cure anything but only cause more side effects and add more toxins to the body.

I decided that my health was up to me and I have went further with recovery from my own doing than any advice I ever got from them. Everyone is very hush, hush when there are major drug reactions involved, no one will own up to that one, especially if they got a nice big perk for pushing that drug! And talk about over drugging, they gave me a 3 month needle of Lupron that was toxic to me, try fighting for your life when you know your body is full of a drug that is shutting your body down and will continue to do so for the next 3 months! It took 6 months before I could get out of bed. It effected ever organ and function of my body. I'll bet I went through close to 50 different side effects, from skin, to heart, blood pressure, thyroid, pancreas, kidneys, eye sight, blurry vision and eyes watering, liver, total body sweats, couldn't breath (perhaps that was because my heart was beating at a 41 bpm), effected my digestive, muscle spasms, I could feel it go into every rib I have, like a domino effect and slowly work it's way up throughout the whole rib cage. Every night at 8 pm I could feel it pump from my throat and start my heart beating haywire, then it set it's effects then it was on it's way to terrorize my body again. It entered every bone, muscle, internal organ, every cell in my body and totally reprogrammed it. These are only some of the effects that I can remember, I wrote a diary of my side effects down and it is huge! These are the very drugs they are pushing as miracle drugs. You know what, I will never trust another doctor again, I will make the final decision from now on when it comes to my body. I was told I am lucky to be alive. I have an extremely high will to live and thank god I was given a second chance, now I can fight for my right to real health care, not to a practice. I thank god for my knowledge of Natural Medicine and a Naturopath which brought me back to life.

They are polluting our food, air and water with toxins, steroids and Antibiotics . There are now more diseases than ever that they are giving new names for everyday, organ by organ, instead of looking at the body as a whole and teaching prevention. Dr Hulda Clark is right, there is really only one disease, a compromised immune system with an over load of toxins, bacterias, parasites, molds, mucous from dairy and steroids, preservatives and Antibiotics , drugs etc. Wonder why there are so many illnesses? We need to look what we are putting in our body and on our body for starters. Most people are looking for drugs to fix their problems when they really need to clean up their diets and life styles. It is a big political circle of greed for money and power. Watch the commercials for various drugs now for Depression etc. they even advertise the side effects. Great med's can cause impotence, dry mouth, high blood pressure, yada yada.

We want to be cured, not medicated, radiated, or have pieces cut out of our body. It is your choice to join us seekers of cures instead of medicating. The government does have a 10 step plan for us, that is if you choose to follow that path. I choose to live. We are all free to take whatever path we want, good luck with your decision. I just wish I had this knowledge when I was 10, my world would have been a whole lot different but as they say, it is never too late! Have a great day!



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