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Re: Laboratory test..Stones or bile..?
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Published: 20 years ago

Re: Laboratory test..Stones or bile..?

From: "barry91162"
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 02:47:13 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] Re: Laboratory test..Stones or bile..?

The question should be asked this way...

First the facts.

Olive oil does not ball up on it's own within the body.
Olive oil is not the ingredient of 'soap balls'.
Olive oil has 0% cholesterol.


How much bile was in the stones? What amount of oil was found in the
forms if 90% was not cholesterol? What else was tested for and found?

Oil does not create soap balls or coagulate in the body in it's own
solitary state but what happens when oil is entered into the
gastrointestinal area and the digestive tract is clear, bile is
squirted out of the common duct from the liver and gallbladder and
soft globs of pure light green/tan bile is formed while passing
through the digestive tract of the intestines and colon areas? How
can we know for sure what happens to bile when it is promoted to move
faster by the introduction of oil into the digestive tract?

In other words does the flush just increase the speed of eliminating
bile that normally travels down the tract in another form within a
hard stool? Is this what we see in the flush? Just balls of soft bile
that will coagulate because of the introducing of oil into the system
to increase the speed of action? Is this why all these hundreds of
globs are soft, green throughout, and seem to be regular bile instead
of hardened gallstones?

The action that is taking place within the internal labratory of the
human body can never be duplicated by testing outside of the
digestive tract. Sure, stones are not soap balls. Stones are not oil.
But, are stones really only globs or balls of excellerated bile that
would normally not create any problems if left to exit in the normal
way that bile leaves the digestive tract? And is the flushing/fasting
creating those balls of bile because of the method itself?

I remember one time, between weeks of flushing that my body actually
created this excellerated elimination of bile without olive oil. I
had eaten french fries and greasy foods. The elimination was within
one hour and it looked exactly like a flush with hundreds of balls of
soft bile. Oils in the fries helped to create that action that my
body would normal do but at a slower rate and within a hardened

In 95% of cases, Gallstones are created within the gallbladder after
the water has been absorbed out of the bile by the gallbladder. Those
stones are hard and create problems. Soft blobs of bile will not
normally be in that form within the body (unless promoted to form by
the excellerated process of the fast/flush) and will not normally
create colic problems within the body until the bile becomes

If anyone can understand and follow this, this was one of my
latest 'thoughts' about what it is we are getting out in the flush.
Bile or gallstones? Oil was never a question for me.
Anyone can help? Thanks.


From: "pomagranate"
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 00:19:44 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] Re: Laboratory test result

Thanks so much for your news on the gallstone analysis. I have a
question I would ask the chemist or tester:

How can they differentiate the makeup of olive oil vs. cholesterol in
their analysis? I'm curious what they'd say molecularly... something
like, "well olive oil when heated/congealed/digested/____ has the
molecular makeup of long chain fatty acid XXX, whereas cholesterol
has the makeup of strand $$$".

The answer to that question would give me a great comeback for those
folks that look at me like I'm wacko when I tell them I've stopped
having gall bladder attacks due to the cleanse. Did they give you a
pretty detailed response?

Thanks so much for fielding a question -

Julie Christina of Oregon


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