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Re: Laboratory test..Stones or bile..?
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Laboratory test..Stones or bile..?

From: "Dale Williams"
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 08:25:11 -0700
Subject: Re: [gallstones] Re: Laboratory test..Stones or bile..?

Wow! I'm a little taken on reading this one, Barry, but I'll try to answer
some of your questions as well as hopefully correct some statements.

First lets take note of just what bile is and how it's made. Bile consists
of water, bile salts, cholesterol, bile pigments, lecithin, lipids and
electrolytes. Then too bile salts are made by the liver cells from
cholesterol that either comes directly from foods eaten or the cholesterol
synthesized dureing the fat metabolism. In the case of Olive-Oil it's going
to be synthesized from its fatty structure because of the fact that Olive
Oil contains no cholesterol.

We should note of what the message from Nick stated regarding the result of
the labratory test. Nick noted that they stated the material tested had lots
of cholesterol, but then Jay's addition to the thread noted a chiropractor
who'd sent a sample to be tested and it was found to be 91% cholesterol.
This would have usually been reported as a waxy substance or fecal matter
but was noted specifically as cholesterol because of some other specially
ordered chemical used to test the matter in Nick's example. So that leaves
us with little question with which to deal, and according to Nick it also
sounded to me like the test was done to cover all chemical makeups.

Then too, we keep in mind that Gallstones tend to form from the
precipitation of the cholesterol from the bile salts and lecithin which is a
mix called micelles. If there is too much cholesterol for the quality of
bile salts being made then chances are pretty good the cholesterol will be
able to precipitate from the mix much the same as fats will precipitate from
dish detergent and stick to the walls of the sink when it has become overly
saturated with fat. Keeping in mind too that the amount of water isn't
really the issue with keeping the fats or cholesterol emulsified.

So, if we really want to get technical about the mix that was tested the
test should include all of the various chemicals, hormones, and enzymes that
are presented in the last link noted here. As to what happens if there is a
large consumption of oil and then an elimination of it in short order
chances are pretty good that it could be just oil and some of it would have
been emulsified to be readied to get obsorbed throught the intestinal wall.
However, as in the case of myself, getting a colonic just a few hours after
an intake of 3 to 4 ounces of oil I often see oil deposited on the veiwing
window or moving along on the top of the water like oil will tend to do
since it is lighter than water. The bile will tend to be any combinations of
translucent colors and more soluble in the water.

So, the main point here is that bile is still water soluble and will not
form into a ball. In fact it will still be water soluble in the intestines
just as if it hadn't had water removed from it as in the
gallbladder.Certainly a good reason to drink lots of water each day. The
only balls that may be seen would be oil that is starting to be emulsified
but hadn't had enough time to complete the process because of having to move
through the 20 plus feet of tubing at an excellerated rate. I guess we now
need someone to scoop up a slug of the mix and have it analyzed since we now
know the balls are a high percentage of cholesterol.

Now then too, Barry, if you were eating greasy and fatty foods like French
fries then I would imagine your liver and gallbladder didn't stand too much
of a chance to produce a quality bile salt by which to get rid of the excess
in cholesterol of which the flushes were attempting to do along with the
attemp to get out the stone in the gallbladder. When I started on my venture
into the flushes, and seeking to keep my gallbladder, I had totally avoided
fats to a most religious degree. I've actually gotten to where I can't even
walk into some places that have that greasy smell without feeling some
nausia. The last French fry I had from Mc"D" tasted so bad I never finished
it and had a greasy feeling in my mouth for hours. That was over two years
ago and I can still remember the feeling of it. It's not to say I don't eat
French fries today but they are now usually of the larger sizes and are
baked instead of deep fried.


> The question should be asked this way...
> First the facts.
> Olive oil does not ball up on it's own within the body.
> Olive oil is not the ingredient of 'soap balls'.
> Olive oil has 0% cholesterol.
> But...
> How much bile was in the stones? What amount of oil was found in the
> forms if 90% was not cholesterol? What else was tested for and found?

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