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Re: Laboratory test..Stones or bile..?
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Published: 20 years ago
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Re: Laboratory test..Stones or bile..?


The removal of water from the bile doesn't in itself cause the formation of
gallstones. Many people live their whole lives without any having any
problem with bile stones forming either in the liver or the gallbladder, and
have it being concentrated for all those years without cholesterol
precipitating from the bile salts. However, in the gallbladder the bile is
made into a concentrate by the removal of water so that the amount stored
there can emulsify an amount of fat that seven to ten times the amount of
bile directly from the liver would have to do. If the body doesn't have an
over abundance of fat and cholesterol of the LDL type then the bile salts
will be able to maintain the cholesterol in an emulsified state, and it will
be water soluble when it gets to the intestines where the chyme will usually
be quite moist and be able to readily accept the fat emulsifying bile which
is water soluble while still being able to emulsify fats. There really isn't
too much of a difference between this and the dishsoap used for cleaning
fats from the eating utinsils used. We could remove all the water from that
type of soap and eventually end up with a water soluble powder. But there
isn't anything in this type of soap to become a solid mass.

Cholesterol precipitates when there isn't enough of the right combinations
in the bile salts matterial makeup or there is simply too much cholesterol
and fats trying to be removed from someone's system at one time. This is why
it isn't a good idea for obese people to do fasts as it can cause a greater
amount of fats and choleserol being put through the waste system than the
liver and gallbladder can handle at one time. This is why a diet that is
high in fiber and has a good input of Essential Fatty Acids will do a dieter
a lot better good that a crash diet or supper fast.

These balls of bile may, more than likely, be fats that that are in the
process of being emulsified during a flush but get to the toilet bowel
before being re-absorbed by the body. But they are not solid like the stones
that are formed when the cholesterol precipitates from the bile and it
churned into a ball of this waxy substance in the liver or the gallbladder.

Now as regards your third question I thought I'd given you just that answer
with the presentation of this address which is a fair schematic of the bile
production and its use and re-absorption;

Perhaps we're not talking about fasting in the same context of what it is
and how it is being done. From all that I've done of fasting I have never
gone without water or a juice of some sort so the body should never be short
of water from one source or another. Therefore there I always try to
maintain my electrolytes so as to not have to deal with nerves or muscle

A ball of bile, which in my case has always been a combination of oil and
bile, is very possible when doing a flush because the liver and the
gallbladder will certainly be dumping bile to seek emulsifying the oil used
for the flush. .



> Dale,
> Thanks for that large answer on bile but I don't think you answered
> my questions. haha
> A couple of notes..
> Except maybe for the part about bile being water soluble and not
> forming into balls. Aren't balls or stones formed by bile witin the

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