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Re:ParaZapper BUSTED & Raided by the FDA
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re:ParaZapper BUSTED & Raided by the FDA

"What I find hypocritical, is that on one hand you "Bash" the FDA, and government agencies, when they encroach on your beliefs, then turn around and "Applaud" them for raiding Parazapper."

Here is what I think you are saying: That either the FDA is all good or it's all bad.

There isn't ANYTHING really contradictory about speaking out against the very prejudicial views of the FDA towards something they deemed belongs in the Alternative Field of Medicine, while at the same time keeping an open mind that some people out there will see alternative treatments as a way to make a quick buck.

Of all the lawsuits the FDA starts are only 1% of them bad? Maybe, the "Applaud" you brought up might belong to the 1% that are good lawsuits because that person is keeping an open mind to that (albeit small possiblity).

For argument's sake, what if the FDA investigates 100 alternative treatment type companies each month, and one of those companies is taking people's money for nothing, the FDA doesn't know ahead of time if ParaZapper isn't one of those companies (taking people's money for nothing), rather than being with the other 99 companies who are within the law.

A lot of people on these boards have used ParaZapper, but what if the FDA raided a company you never heard of and didn't know anything about it, how would you know if that company served some legitimate purpose? You generally have to wait and see what the investigative agency turned up.

It is my feeling that as more people are gradually learning that the FDA has a prejudicial attitude against principles of Science and selectively prosecutes if those scientific principles are not applied in the way they want them applied. A case in point would be the scientific discovery of frequency. They harass and prosecute people who use frequencies (and I'm guessing that's what the ParaZapper raid is about) that don't cause enormous side effects like burning, but turn a blind eye to X-ray machines that debilitate people for the rest of their lives.

If the FDA wanted to be fair why don't they investigate 100 radiation oncologists each month to see if they are doing something that isn't completely right or correct?
Debilitating people doesn't seem right to me. But then the FDA is not investigating
principles of science, they don't have to because they have already defined that whatever radiation oncologists do is right and whatever anyone does in the alternative treatment field is wrong. And that decision is not based on principles of science, it is based on an attitude of prejudice toward anybody well known in or treatments of the Field of Alternative Medicine. If you have that attitude, all that is left to do is to scurry around and look for things that are wrong, no matter how small.

If you look at the law passed by Congress that initiated the FDA, you would have to wonder what they're doing if they began investigating X-ray machines that generate X-ray frequencies or zappers that generate small electric frequencies, when the Congressional mandate for the FDA was to investigate the purity of food!

No doubt in their prosecutorial lawsuits against wrong doers they have caught some bad apples, really rotten people, but most people are better off doing their own reading on the internet and talking to people at alternative-type health conventions and doing their own investigating than depending on the FDA to do it for them.

A person has to keep an open mind because there isn't any way of framing the conclusion, that is fair, whether he has a good apple or not until he gets all the facts.

definitions for those who find them useful:

frequency.the state of occurring repeatedly
..........[in physics] the number of vibrations per second of a recurring event hurry along run hastily


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