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5th Flush Results and a Totally Awesome Experience
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Published: 22 years ago

5th Flush Results and a Totally Awesome Experience

Well, I feel like I have been doing this cleanse thing for years even though you wonderful, "God Sent" people came into my life only a couple of months ago. I began last night with my Epsom Salt mixture and I have learned something else about this awful tasting mixture. My 4th flush I added lemon to the water and Epsom Salt and it took the bitterness out. This time, I drank it at room temperature instead of letting it get ice cold. That helped the taste, too. But, listen to my new idea! While allowing the salt mixture to work, I planned a "just for me" evening. I lit candles,did a facial, took a long bath, played my kind of music (for me, it's Bob Seager, Fleetwood Mac, Barry White and who could ever forget, Michael McDonald!!!) I loved last night. It was just for me!! At 10, I took the Olive Oil/Grapefruit Juice. This time, however, I added another lemon and it helped the taste. I then went to sleep and NEVER woke up. What a change from my 1st liver cleanse!! I was up and down that night long passing all kinds of "stuff." (I will never forget that LONG, green rope I passed that night! It scared me to death!) This morning, I took the remaining two doses of Epsom Salt and two hours later, I am now passing the "greenest" green Gallstones I have ever seen. If there is such a thing as a "fresh gallstone," I would describe it that way. I am assuming these are freshly made and they sailed right on through. My last two cleanses were a lot of big black, dark green stones that were a little uncomfortable passing. Also, my last cleanse, I was still passing stones two days later! This time---so far, it's an absolute breeze!!

But, the thing I want to stress to you people who are thinking about a cleanse. Maybe you have done one liver cleanse and might do another one. JUST DO IT!!! It is truly the most life changing thing you can do for your body. What it's done for me and I can't stress this enough---MY ALLERGIES ARE GONE!! Before, I lived on allergy prescription drugs. My allergies were not seasonal, either. They are the year round type. The kind of allergies where you sneeze, your nose runs, your eyes water constantly. I could go on and on. You allergy suffers know what I am talking about!! Also, my skin has improved and we ladies are so vain about that, anyway!!! I had a friend ask me the other day what I have done to my face. She said she had never seen me look so good. Imagine the look that came on her face when I told her "my beauty secret! (over lunch, too!!) I am also sleeping deeper, longer, and a more peaceful sleep. Before, I was up and down several times every night. Because I could not sleep, I would just eat ice cream---right out of the carton. How healthy was that!! But, that unhealthy eating habit has stopped.

But, more than that, it's my inward calmness I really have never experienced before. I have never been an anxious person, but I do tend to dwell on certain things that I know I have no control over. I think we women tend to do that, anyway. But, I am so much better about that now. I have a heart valve that doesn't want to function. It's my mytral valve and it will race when I feel stress. Guess what---I have not felt that "race feeling" in weeks now. Too Cool!!!

I also have a funny feeling when I am in public. It's kinda a "I know something you don't know" feeling. I now know one of the best kept secrets to make me feel better, look better and just be a healthier person!!!! I share this with as many people as I can. I feel like it's my responsibility!!! Good luck and good health!!

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