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Didn't know where to go
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Published: 16 years ago

Didn't know where to go

Hey Caitlin, Blue & all

I just received a VERY INTERESTING email and I wanted to post it on CureZone, but I didn't know which forum to go to, so I just came here. Guide me which forum will be the best and I will post it there also.

This is from my raw-vegan group list ( a group of great people).


About the feral children website:

Yes, it was fascinating stuff. I just have a small
disagreement though, Juicy, about the tie-in to diet.
Yes, it mentioned a lot of raw meat-eaters, but it did
also mention vegetarians. What was so interesting,
and at the same time, confusing to me was that it
seemed as if the children who had grown up with
animals had all developed a desire to eat exclusively
whatever it was that their species of animal-family
ate; yet no matter what that was, all of the children
seemed to thrive on it.

Many had grown up with wolves, and scoffed at anything
other than raw meat, but there were vegetarians,
including a boy who had grown up with wild sheep, that
would only eat grass and hay. Amazing!

Overall it is an incredible look at human adaptation.
In the span of less than 10 years in most cases, these
kids had made profound changes to their physiology.
There was the girl who would roll her eyes to the
sides, when in the woods, to scan for sneak attacks.
The more arboreal kids had changed the size and shape
of their thumbs. Some had longer arms. The ones who
had taken to walking and running on all fours had
become so adapted to this that they had shortened the
tendons in their legs so that they actually couldn't
stand upright without physical therapy. And in one
case of this, it said that when the child ran on all
fours, no one in the village could overtake her. That
seems impossible to imagine.

It also mentioned a girl who could catch hares, on
foot! It said she could also dive underwater and
catch fish. And there was a case of a teenage boy,
who had grown up with gazelles, that was chased by men
in a jeep, when going to capture him; and they
followed him at speeds up to 52-54 kph. I did the
math, and if I remember miles/kilometers correctly,
then that's faster than the world record for the 100
meter dash.

In discussing the topic of my diet with skeptics, I
have taken up the habit of pointing out than in
nature, with no shoes, clothing, tools, or weapons, we
would never be able to catch an animal, other than the
odd frog or something like that, and even then, only
in unsustainable amounts. I have assumed this based
on my observations of what human physical capabilities
are today. But that's in today's "civilized" world.
Maybe none of that would be true in the wild. I had
never imagined such things possible, but if even some
of these stories are true, then maybe it means I need
to throw all of that out the window.

If these reports were more recent, I would probably
just think they were bogus, but somehow I'm less
cynical about the honesty of people from older,
simpler times and places that predate mass media.
Also there is a great deal of consistency to these
isolated reports from different countries. The only
way that much of my previous logic can make any sense
is if the whole website is just bogus, or highly
flawed. But it seems unlikely that the whole site is
just a complete fabrication, considering it lists all
of the books and references from which these separate,
individual stories were compiled.

I've also used the argument that natural humans would
only have lived in tropical places(therefore
fruit-eaters), and my proof was simply to ask, "Could
you sleep outside naked in this(our weather)?" But
the reports of these feral children say that they were
impervious to cold or heat. And while that is, no
doubt, somewhat of a Wolfe-sized exaggeration, if you
know what I mean(Impervious is a pretty strong word),
it might be true enough to blow my tropical climate
argument out of the water.

As far as diet goes, it's so hard to use this to
pinpoint any proof of what humans are best suited to
eat. It seems as if they were equally healthy and
strong, no matter what their wild diet had been, plant
or animal. But then again, these were all young
people, and no long-term information is available.
There was only one thing that they all seemed to have
in common regarding diet: They all hated cooked food,
whether animal or plant. They all rejected it if they
had a choice. In fact, when the "civilized" people
tried to bring them back to a "normal" diet, it always
either killed or nearly killed them. I only read of
one exception to this. There was one wolf-boy who
would eat anything put before him, including bread.
But later he only wanted raw meat. Perhaps he was
starving when they found him. The ones who survived
the cooked food eventually came to accept it(and most
likely got addicted). But it usually took years.

I had believed that an all(or nearly all) meat diet
would kill a person in a short amount of time. Yet
there were kids who appear to have lived for years on
it-and were strong. How can this be true??? Was it
simply their youth? Or can it be that animal products
are not so deadly for us, as long as they are raw?
This is really messing with me. Of course these kids
had been taught to do it, and in the reality of their
minds it was natural and normal. And the human system
is pretty resilient in terms of diet.

Overall, it gave me a great deal to think about in
terms of the power of the human mind and human
adaptability. Perhaps one's state of mind relative to
what they eat in actually more of a factor than is the
type of food itself. Could the power of the mind
enable a human to eat meat and have it be healthy?
There is a whole list of things in this compilation of
stories, both in terms of diet and physical feats,
that would seem impossible. But what if, for example,
the gazelle-boy didn't have any concept of running at
anything less than super speed...the notion simply did
not exist in his reality? What do we call this? The
power of conscious-reality or something?

It also made me start thinking about energy, and it's
sources. In today's modern world, we have really
weakened our energy, haven't we? There is a spiritual
component to this, in a way. Maybe our lifeforce is
not all about what we eat. Okay, I already knew that
much, so let me rephrase it: Maybe, it has VERY
LITTLE to do with what we eat. These wild children
lived right in the middle nature. Everyday, they had
skin contact-well for that matter, ALL forms of
sensory contact with nature's powerful energy.

Maybe in our modern world of lifeless buildings,
streets, and negative energy-generating technology, we
are depleting our strength in a more direct way than I
realized. Even the attitudes and vibrations of people
in contact with us affects our power. And there is a
lot of negative thought and energy coming from many
people around us...Perhaps, these wild children simply
LACKED all of those kinds of life-draining things.
Maybe the energy that comes into our bodies from our
surrounding environment is a more significant source
of "food" than is the stuff that we eat.

As I write this, I'm starting to wonder why we even
have stomachs and digestive systems. What's that for?
Is it the equivalent of a backup-generator...a second
option to be used in case there is a problem with the
normal power source? And somehow, today's humans have
taken to using the backup generator first, and the
normal source second? I really do wonder about this
idea. This whole thing is a real paradigm-shifter for

One thing is making itself very clear to me: We need
to get past the food issue. Don't misunderstand, I'm
not suggesting that we should start eating meat, or
cooked food. I'm still sure that we would be better
off without those. But what I mean is that that is
just one small step. I think it's fair to say that
people on this list are mostly on a faster pace in
terms of our consciousness-development. But I think
that it's time to take it to the next level.

Personally, I don't foresee becoming a breatharian in
this lifetime. I don't believe that I will take it
that far. But I do think it's time to stop putting so
much focus on what kind of food I eat. I think that
there is more important stuff out there that we will
miss if we keep ourselves stuck on this. Don't
misunderstand, I'm staying raw. But I think that
that's established, and now it's time to stop making
it such a focal point. It's an obvious thing to do.
Okay, fine. Done. Now it's time to turn the
page...and transcend.

Any thoughts? ~Vic wrote:

> thanx tvo for the feral children site. amazing
> stuff. sad too about the
> confined kids and abuses etc. unfortunately the
> info on diet was lacking
> and somewhat negative by highlighting defecincies
> etc. but i understand
> that wasn't the focus of the research or study of
> these kids. also, while
> i did see some mentions of extraordinary strength,
> the only tie in to diet
> was about the consumption of fresh animal blood or
> raw meat in an older
> report.
> so anybody else got any perspective on this wild
> edible food issue?
> peace and love,
> juicy
> > juicy
> >
> > here's a site on feral children
> >
> >
> >
> > tvo


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