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Re: and a ps:

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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: and a ps:

to forgive means that somehow you *feel * you have to
for *yourslef*
say....... i got burnt by an appliance..
do i forgive the applaince?
it has no guilty feeling, it is not seeking forgiveness
it has no concenience in it's share of what ahppend.
same as people.
if htey had a consceniece and a knowledge of good/bad/ and they desired to do good.. they neve rowudl ahv edoen the harm to satrt with... obviously they ar e no tcarign what happend..neither are they seeking your forgiveness.
if htye had /have gultiy feeligns and choose to ask youfor forgiven,ten the choice is upto you.. nonethe less ..theyhave chosen to feel guilty so that in of it slef maybe good for a time,t ha thtey actaull decided to
realise the wrong they did..
but theyalso ar ethe one stha t have to forgive if you willtehmselves.. to resovle man, i hurt osmeoen by doing thise and i never waht to do it again.. that is a good ways fo rthe row into better people. bu tto holdonot sel fblame would be a potnetila rut for them so even thry nee dot move on byther own choice.. time s passes /it happend.
if they shoose nto to feel sorry fo rtheir actiosn ..then you (ifyouare the harmed one) needot accpet the fact ..that
they are liek an appliance.. youcan't forgive some thign tha thas no consciece .. youjstu say..
i got burned, nw i know not to touch the burener..
itf yourun around ahting the burner tha tis jstu palin silly...
i don't thingk societies view on forgiveness o ar ethe same
as mine.. , but tyrign to *forgive* when ye it compelte lyunneccessary is a illusional strivign to get past hurt , pain anger o rphysical disblemetn etc..adn an extrmemwast eof energy..
to me, forgivenes isn;t evne inmy vocabulary really /
it 's jstu makeign a differnt choice of perspective.
i choose not to le tthei situation ge t to me/ ..etc.
youdidn't do harm to your slef.. and they applaince doesn't care /seem sliek an exercise in self indulgent gratificaiton soem what?
oh. it 's ok iofrgiv ethe applaince.i feel so much beeter now..when you stillahv eto deal with the nOW of looking at a burnt hand.. i thinkit far more exedietn to focus on how to deal with the life cheges and movign on leanr ignhow to adapt to life with a burnt hand..thant strivign to find a way to forgivean applaiance.. because society thinkg soemhow tha twill make you feel beeetr.
but thatis my persoanlthoguts on the subject. why waste the time. ? you know? too amny good thign sout there to pursue than gettign tied up an amere word..a word willnot helpme
just go ut and live.. I say jus t go live.. and stya away form applaicne s until you knw ohow to work one 8)

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