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I think
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Published: 19 years ago
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I think

at tha tpoin tt he train er need s to simply say ..i am busy there ar eotehr s here tha trequire my time. i ahv e given you th eknowledge yo uneed/ and you understan dit.. bu tonly youcan follow it trhu.. ica;t do teh work fo ryou .. and i ahv eotehrs tha trequire mytiem also..
welcoem back 8) gla dto see you .. youknwothey way to the weight room 8)
and hten jstu answe rthe person in a frien dly way amybe as brieflyas possible if htey ask quesitions /answer them .. bu t don't get entangeled..
the traien rhas a lif eto liv ealso..
adn actaully the oteh rperson i snot beign fai r t teh trainer.. to expectthat every time they sho wup. he shoudl dorp everyhign and make them his prioriyt/ tah tis disrespectful/ and take sawy fo rmthose tha treally want to be there and neeed his tiem alos.
wheni toaugh tweapons in kaaaarate/kobudo
i had to soemoen *hurry soem folsk thru*
i sa tdown with the new folks an daske d them theri goals...
many ofh them were there jstu becase it was a requirement to mov eon to 2 nd degree in karate/ to first get teh 1 st degree in kobudo at elas tin bojitsu.
and tha tmean tthey ahd to coem thru me.
i was resented my alot of guys becaue i wa a a woman/ andnyhow..also by hihger ranke dwoem tha thas to coem bakc an d gothtu the kobudo trining to get in lien with tre new requirements...
most of those kidn of folsk woudl not giveme grace to cal me sensei/ until fianlly my Shi han mad eit clear..
they did not hav eto cll me sensei in karate.. where htey ahd higher rank than me.. but in kobudo they woudl clal me sensei becausei out ranke d them there. and i was teahcign them..
it still did not chang ethe fac t they they we renot ahppy to b ethere /ahd nointeset in weapons and jstu wan te d thru the basi c requiremetn s to mov eon..
so it was int eh best intessts of those that were there out a the love of kobudo.. to get those people in an dout of the class as quickly as tah twe who were theeer for seerious learnign coud amitian the integrity of our passion for it.
so it is kind a lie that.. in a way.. soem tiem youjust hav eto *say look.. otehrs here are very serius aboooout this trianing and when you do this/ youare takign awya form theri time... and htey ar epayign fo r the same amt of tiem as you are and thru deseervign of equal time inleanrign.. here are the basics work ont hem .. *)
adn whenyou ahv ethose down, we will mov e forward form there.. i did not bother to fgo indepth with tem.. theydidn't care it woudl ahv ebben a waste of time..
i sved my indepth knwoledge fo rthise tha twoudl value it.
so yes/ a triner doe snee dot stop and say ..youhav ebenes hown.. youmust put in the wrork.. bu tno nee dot ge tangrya or anyof that.. jstu simle an dbe firm 8) others need myaten tion also/a nd they ahv ejstu as much right to it/ and seem tovalue it more.. *)

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