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Issue 4: Arthritis: ”You are going to be crippled the rest of your life.”
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Published: 20 years ago
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Issue 4: Arthritis: ”You are going to be crippled the rest of your life.”

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Online Health & Wellness Newsletter Issue 4
"Educating Instead of Medicating!"

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The doctors told me: "You are going to be crippled the rest of your life."
- by Iris Elliott.
Story from:


I have tried almost everything ... no medication worked the way I wanted.
They didn't have that many medications that time.
The year was 1984; I was 24, pregnant with my daughter, my first pregnancy.

I was vegetarian for about 2 years, Vegan, and I was exercising a lot. I
was running 3 miles a day; swimming a lot, and little bit of weight
lifting. I was very athletic person. I was always in perfect health and I
never thought that something like this would ever happened to me. I was
doing Yoga; I was example of healthy person, at age 23.

Even though I was Vegan and exercised a lot, I was under a lot of stress. I
was unhappy in my marriage, and I couldn't communicate and express myself.
My then husband ignored me and I didn't have anyone to talk with. I was
living with my in-laws, and according to them, you are not suppose to
express yourself. Just keep quiet. I felt like I was going to loose my
mind. I stay in that marriage for 12 years, so I do believe, even though I
was living "healthy" when it comes to diet and exercise, I couldn't cope
and manage my everyday stress and pressure.

I really do believe that is what triggered my Rheumatoid Arthritis , when I
was 24.

I got first symptoms January 1984. I was 3rd month pregnant. While I was
pregnant, I only had few symptoms, but nobody knew. After my daughter was
born, July 1984, I start feeling I couldn't move my neck. I now know, my
liver wasn't functioning very well that time, most likely because of
intrahepatic stones that I acquired through pregnancy.

Within 5 months, it spread all over my body. I couldn't even get up, or
open my mouth. It attacked my whole body. It was acute; it was so bad. The
doctors told me: "You are going to be crippled the rest of your life." I
was sitting in front of TV and watching athletes, and crying. I was not in
a wheelchair, but doctor told me that is my future.
But, when I was crying, I never lost a hope.

I tried "gold salt", but I have had side effects, and I had to discontinue
that treatment.

At first, I was in a university hospital, in Orange County, California. I
was seeing a so-called "rheumatologists", supposedly "specialized" in
Rheumatoid Arthritis , and they couldn't help me, they nearly killed me with
all the medications they put me on.

By December 1984, nothing worked; my symptoms worsen, so I changed the
doctor. What would you do?

New doctor prescribed different medication. It was actually for malaria.
But a side effect was I could go blind at any time. I was so desperate I
wanted to try it.

It improved my symptoms. Even though my symptoms gotten better, I wasn't
satisfied, it wasn't enough. I still had inflammations, and fever and fatigue.

Then, everything changed.

I went to Korea, and tried traditional Korean Moxa cautery ­ moxa treatment.

-- About Moxa --

Moxa cautery is a thermal therapy - stimulus therapy to acupuncture spots
in a channel of vital energy ("meridians"). It is also a causal treatment
that strengthens the functions of internal organs and bowels, as well as a
local treatment that cauterizes directly the diseased parts.

Moxibustion or moxa treatment got name from the name of the Wormwood plant
most often used, Artemisia moxa (Artemisia Chinensis or Artemesiae Vulgari,
or Artemisia Absinthium).
You take dry Wormwood . You put it into a little burner (cautery), and to
that burner is attached little rubber pump, (similar to one attached to an
instrument for measuring blood pressure), and when you pump, smoke goes out
through another hose, while burner is producing heat. Hose with smoke is
directed outside house, as inhaling Wormwood smoke can be very toxic.

You keep burner approximately 4 fingers below navel. It takes 20 min.
You increase time gradually (daily) until you reach 20 or 30 min.
"Disease that are incurable with drug and acupuncture treatment shall be
cured by moxibustion". This was an excerpt from Dong-ui-bo-gam ("The
Precious Mirror of Oriental Medicine") stating the efficiency of
moxibustion over disease treatment. In the east, from ancient times, people
used to instinctively warmed up the part of body where they feel pain,
because warming got rid of coldness and relieved pain. A popular saying
"Il-gu-yi-chim-sam-bok-yak (first treat with moxibustion, second
acupuncture, third herb)" tells us that people considers moxibustion as the
most effective and basic treatment. Especially, mugwort moxibustion is
effective for a variety of symptoms and thus it is understood as the best
treatment in the east. It is a folk remedy continued throughout the history
and many oriental medicine researchers have shown their foremost interest
in the study of mugwort moxibustion. Mugwort moxibustion is effective for
the enhancement of the function of internal organs, relieving headache and
neuralgia, maintaining good skin condition, and the curing of serious
affections and cancer.

Pictures online:

The art of acupuncture and moxa cautery originated from Korea.

The development of alchemy in the post-Neolithic period led to the
introduction of various types of acupuncture. It steadily developed in the
period of Kojoson (ancient Korea) and the age of the three kingdoms
(Koguryo, Paekje and Silla). As early as in 692 there appeared a
physicians training school where medical science, including the art of
acupuncture and moxa cautery, was taught. Not a few books on good
experience gained in treating diseases were brought out.
Ancient healers singled out most sensitive parts of a human body as regions
of acupuncture and moxa cautery and successfully treated troubles by means
of acupuncture and cautery.
On this principle acupuncture was used in the treatment of various diseases
such as paralytic diseases, diseases causing pains, inflammation and
digestive trouble.

In Chinese moxibustion, the leaves of the Chinese herb mugwort (Artemesiae
Vulgaris) are dried and then burned using one of several methods.
The 'moxa stick' is the most common form in which moxibustion is used to
promote healing. Here the dried mugwort is rolled up tightly and wrapped in
paper forming a cigar-like stick. The moxa stick can be held in one place,
rotated in circles, or 'pecked' in a motion similar to a sparrow pecking at
food over the area of an acupuncture point. The practitioner places a
finger next to the point being stimulated to maintain a comfortable level
of heat and to guard the patient from the unlikely risk of burn.
The moxa stick is held approximately a half inch from the skin, although
this may vary from patient to patient. Moxa sticks can be used on their own
to stimulate an acupuncture point or can be used on a point where an
acupuncture needle has been inserted. This simultaneous use of moxibustion
along with the acupuncture needle intensifies the therapeutic benefit of
the given acupuncture point.
The moxa stick is primarily used to treat a deficiency of 'yang' energy in
the body. It is yang energy that governs movement and warmth, and a
deficiency of yang results in cold symptoms. The patient may feel cold, or
may complain of cold hands and feet. For patients who are very weak and
deficient, stick moxa is chosen as a primary treatment due to the fact that
it actually adds "yang qi" to the body. Yang qi deficiency can also
manifest in incontinence or loose stools, although these symptoms must be
carefully differentiated by the practitioner as they may have other causes.


Within 6 months, I was so much better; it was amazing.

I was much more healthier and stronger.
Less inflammation… no fever at all… less fatigue.

Within one year, I was back to myself.

My symptoms got improved so much. I had a second child, my son, without any
problems. At that point, I still had some inflammation.

Few months after my son was born, I went to see a doctor for check-up.

He did a blood test for arthritis, and told me that my Arthritis was in
The doctor told me that according to the test, level of my Arthritis was
barely detectable.

My brother told me that wormwood (moxa) would cure even cancer. He believes
that moxa is so potent that it could cure any natural disease.

I start using Glucosamine Sulfate 3 years ago. I started using Flaxseed oil
capsules this year.
Glucosamine really helped a lot. Flaxseed oil helps inflammations. It
doesn't work for everybody.

Some people told me try MSM. I never tried it.

The doctors believe that Arthritis is incurable disease, but they
acknowledge that it can go into remission. When arthritis is in remission,
test can still detect it, but it is below certain level. That is the best
thing they hope for, as I know.

Last march, I was curious about my arthritis, because I have had no
symptoms for over 10 years. At that point, I was teaching aerobics for 8
years, so I wanted to know what is going on inside my body.

And I had the usual arthritis blood test, and doctor told me: "I don't
believe you ever had Rheumatoid Arthritis ". He thought that I have some
problems in my head.

But then, after I insisted that I had Arthritis, then he said: "Ok, no test
ever is 100%. Even though this test is very sensitive, it can detect even
the slightest trace of arthritis, it still is not 100%. The only way to
find out for sure is to take x-ray of the damaged joints to determine for
sure. So, I did.

One week later, he called me and said: "You have never had arthritis."
"Nobody has ever cured arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis is incurable
disease. Your joints would show some specific damage, if you ever had
Rheumatoid Arthritis. Therefore, you never had Rheumatoid Arthritis. Your
blood test shows negative, your joints on x-ray shows it looks like you
have had fractured joints. But not damaged by Rheumatoid Arthritis."

I have the records to prove, from university hospital and from my private
doctor. I battled arthritis for 6 years.

Today, I continue as aerobic instructor, and runner, I am completely cured,
free from symptoms. My teeth are perfectly healthy; I never had one single
cavity. I am not Vegan any more. I eat fish last 15 months, and I eat diary
products last few months. I read books about blood type. My blood type is
B. I don't die my hair.

I just started to eat eggs. I didn't eat eggs for at least 10 years. I
didn't eat meat since 1983. I am not sure I will ever eat meat again. I
never liked it.

I don't eat sugar, or any processed foods. I make all my foods from scratch.

I am not extreme any more in my eating habits today, as I was before. I
believe in balanced diet today.

I believe, and oriental doctor told me the same, modern medications are
actually poisoning your system. It weakens your body.

3 months ago I did my first liver cleanse. (Books of Dr. Hulda Clark )

I didn't believe my friend that after years of healthy Diet and exercises I
would have anything in my liver. I got sick in the evening, after drinking
oil, and I threw up oil. I have
very sensitive stomach, I believe because of arthritis medications that I
was on.

Anyway, I got plenty of intrahepatic stones out the next day. One was over
15mm across. Yes, it is1.5 centimeter. I couldn't believe my eyes.

On those pages you can see photos of my stones:


I am planing to repeat liver flush.

Those of you who have active Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteo Arthritis, don't
loose hope. Cure is not in the modern medicine and modern research. Don't
waste your money in supporting those researchers ... even though they may
have the best intentions, the nature of pharmaceutical industry is not to
cure disease, it is to create medications that you will have to use for the
rest of your life.

If you want to get cured, you will have to try some traditional treatments,
treatments that have not been studied by western medical establishment,
treatments that medical establishment is very hardly trying to ignore, but
treatments that still work. Treatments that have been tested through
thousands of years. If you are ready to change your diet and lifestyle,
those treatments do work.

If you want to be cured, you will have to manage your emotional stress, as
well as environmental stress factors.

You may get arthritis even if you are living "the most healthiest"
lifestyle when it comes to food and exercises. If you don't manage your
stress, you may get sick.

I believe in finding harmonious lifestyle, balancing all aspects of life.

I am 43, divorced; aerobic teacher, and people who don't know me, often
guess that I am 28.
I am currently using Clarkia , ( beside good diet and balanced
- I drink wheat grass juice with carrot juice weekly.
- I drink apple juice weekly (freshly pressed.).
- I avoid restaurants, ice cream and ready-made foods.
- I try to minimize my stress. I eat flaxseed oil with cottage cheese
daily. I love it. I eat sour cream daily. I love it. I eat traditional
Turkish white bread, (white wheat flour + water + yeast + salt). I love it.
- I exercise a lot - that is my job.
- I am not eating meat, only fish.

Feel free to forward my story to your friends!
Life does not have to be suffering!

Iris Elliott

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