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Issue 21: Staying away from ANTIBIOTICS
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Published: 20 years ago
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Issue 21: Staying away from ANTIBIOTICS

I live in New York City, about two miles from the World Trade Center. With the threat of all the Terrorism and being in the middle of the most intense Anthrax scare in the country and hearing all the news reports of the treatment for it ( Antibiotics ) being only temporarily effective because they cannot be taken for a prolonged period without being harmful to your body, I decided to find a natural alternative for the treatment of VIRUSES. Garlic is good, BUT only for infections. I found out that OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT "is an effective antimicrobial agent against 137 diseases" (exact quote from the book at the Health Food Store). OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT is a recently new discovery in this country (1995) and apparently a well kept secret by the pharmaceutical companies who make Antibiotics . For centuries, people in Mediterranian countries, when sick, would pick a leaf off an olive tree and munch on it (not swallow it) just munch on it to get the OLEUROPIN out of it (it strenghtens your immune sytem instead of killing both the GOOD and bad bacteria like Antibiotics does). There are no side effects, but you must be aware of one will allow your immune system to kill the bacteria that nothing else can, but your body will be left with ALL the dead bacteria INSIDE OF IT until you flush them out (about 3 days of nausea, which, for most people, is preferrable to death) with the normal amount of WATER that we SHOULD be drinking every day, which is, half our body weight(in ounces)every day (200 pounds...100 ounces). There is an ancient cure from India for 31 ailments (diabetes, asthma, etc.) that consists of nothing more than drinking your first liter and a half (1.5 quarts) of water in the morning within the first ten minutes ( after you brush yor teeth,you don't want to swallow your mouth bacteria) and then resting for half an hour. Type into your web browser search box...WATER THERAPY and hit enter or click,you'll find some listings are for the swimming and muscle relaxation, but the ones that are written by the Doctors from India are the ones that use WATER AS MEDICINE. Dr. Batmangelidj wrote a book about His medical experiences when He was imprisoned by the Shah in Iran. Also check out WATERCURE.COM because dehydration is also supposed to be a cause of ANGINA.
Best wishes and may you be (ALSO) wealthy.
Healthy and wise. (Contrary to popular opinion, I am wise).

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