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Issue 54: Gallstone Attacks & Surgery
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Published: 20 years ago

Issue 54: Gallstone Attacks & Surgery

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Gallstone Attacks & Surgery

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DATE: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 01:33:16 -0000
SUBJECT: Gallstone Attacks & Surgery?

I had about 3 good attacks. The pain would double me up and didn't
want to go away. The first one while I was as work, sent me to
Urgent care. They were not sure what it was. Diagnosed as possible
Ulcers, wanted me to go for other tests. Gave me Vicodin, which got
rid of the pain. I was contemplating over time, whether I wanted to
go for that type of surgery where they look into your stomach.
Then while on a business trip, I had another good attack. It started
at 3:00 AM and at 8:00 AM, I was still in very much pain. I went to
a nearby hospital emergency room. There they took EKG's, Chest X-
ray's, blood tests and ultra sound. The tests showed that my Lungs
were fine, no problems with my heart or blood. Though the Ultra
sound showed around 3 small gallstones, which the Doctor said was
probably causing my pain. He said he could give me morphine. I did
not want to get goofy since I had important work to do and opted for
the Vicodin.

I had not had another attack since before May,2002. Then, late
October, I had another attack. Back to Urgent care and more pain
medicine. I said, "What do I need to do to get rid of this problem?"
The Doctor said she would give me a referral to a Surgeon who would
put a telescope down my throat and look into my stomach to see if I
had any Ulcers. I said, "This is unacceptable". We already know that
I have Gallstones from the Ultra-sound. Since I have not changed my
diet at all, don't you think that I would have had an attack within
5 months or so, if it were Ulcers? The Doctor somewhat agreed. I
said well, lets take care of what we know is causing a problem and
then if I still have pain, we will assume it may be Ulcers and go
from there.

I got a referral to a Vascular Surgeon and saw him early this
November. I was not prepared for what I was about to hear.
I explained to him that when I got these attacks, that the pain
radiated from what appeared to be my solar plexus region to the back
between the right shoulder blade. He said uh-hah. He asked me to
cough. No cough harder. I did. He said you have a Hernia in your
belly-button too.

He asked me to come into his office and we would talk about what
I need to do.

He mentioned dissolving the stones, but the treatment doesn't work
all that well and more Gallstones would be made. He told me that for
you, this is a done deal. I would recommend having your Gallbladder
removed, he said. He told me that it is no big deal. Relatively easy
and that he does about three to four of these a week.
he said nothing about alternatives to surgery or possible problems
that would or could appear from having this type of surgery. He made
it seem in and out.

I told him I would contact him when I decided to have it. He did
not want me to wait long. I wonder why? ($$).

On the way home I thought the last thing I want to do is to have
a part of my body removed. This is SERIOUS!!! Any surgery is a major
thing and for a Doctor to state otherwise is irresponsible.
We are born with these organs for a reason. If not, we would not
have them.

I researched as much as I could to find other alternatives, so I
could keep my Gallbladder that I was born with.

The more I researched, the more I concluded that a Liver Flush may
be a great alternative. After all, even if it didn't work, it
couldn't hurt. I know that Olive oil is good for you. It lowers the
bad LDL Cholesterol in your system. One night of discomfort is worth
much more than the loss of an Organ. That's right ORGAN!
Don't let the medical profession lead you to believe that you do not
need this ORGAN, or that it is no big deal. It is a big deal. It
could be your LIFE. From all my research, I have found many bad
things that have come from having this Surgery. Removal of an Organ,
should be the absolute last thing that is ever done. And only after
you have exhausted every other option.

Today is the second flush I have done. I feel great. Lots of energy.
Got rid of a lot of stones. Don't know if they were the ones causing
the pain or not. But I will keep flushing until I do not see any
stones come out. And then I will still do them, yet not as regularly.

The best thing. I still get to keep my Gallbladder with no invasive


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