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Issue 71: My Successful Liver FLush
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Published: 19 years ago
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Issue 71: My Successful Liver FLush

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Subject: Successful flush
From: pepe
Date: 19:20 Jan 18 2003

I've juice fasting for 12 days and I did a Liver Flush last night and had great success this morning.

Last summer I did a 40 day Master-Cleanse fast which was the coolest thing I've ever done and then did a Liver Flush at the end with good results. I wanted to continue flushing every 4 weeks but because of all kinds of reasons (read excuses ;+D)I kept putting it off.

I did Dr.H.Clark' flush and I substituted fresh squeezed >>COLD<< organic grapefruit juice instead of water to mix with the Epson salts and olive oil.

Rant mode on ;+D

I posted something to this regard last year but I think it still worth repeating for some of the newbies considering doing a liver flush.

I still don't get it with a lot people whining about the bad taste of the mixes and the oil etc etc. It's just simply not that bad. Mixing the extra virgin organic olive oil with cold fresh squeezed grapefruit juice was bordering on pleasant. The Epson salt mix was just a little funky but just not anywhere near what I hear all these people whine about. I'm not trying to cure any particular diseases just doing it for general health. It's just not bad at all.

If you have some "physical reaction" to the mixes by all means post them. If you have hints about how to make the flush more pleasant like mixing with cold fresh grapefruit juice then post that too. But please if you're gonna whine about the taste then save it. You really are doing harm to the people that really really need this.

OK OK rant mode off ;+D

Anyway folks I'm feeling great and I'm looking forward to my next flush. I'm switching over to the Master-Cleanse fast for at least another week to 10 days. Even the last time I did the Master-Cleanse for 40 days I found it easier for me to transition from eating regular to the MC by starting out juice fasting first.

I took photos of my flush results today and if anyone is interested in seeing the stones I've posted them at:

This bunch is about half of what I passed of the lager stones. I also passed a lot of gravel and a mess'o fiberymucosy looking stuff that floated to the top.

Happy Flushing Ya'll


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