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Re: 11: My husband's full recovery from lung tumor and massive heart attack without drugs/chemo/surgery

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: 11: My husband's full recovery from lung tumor and massive heart attack without drugs/chemo/surgery

Hi Shirley,

After reading your post I have to say I was very emotional and in a lot of pain - pain from my sides splitting with laughter. I have never read as much rubbish in all my life.

I feel sorry for No Luck Chuck, as you fed him full of herbal nonsense. Anyone in this condition should be put in the hands of professionals and not in the hands of a psycho with a magic bag of tricks.

Chuck, the one with no luck, had a heart attack, ach f**k, poor chuck. Why did you not go to the hospital instead of tying him with 2 chains and locks to the house and feeding him your magic potions. So, it amazes me that after all these wonderful miracles, the world hasn't heard about you. I would say chuck, thats chuck with the no luck, would be a far healthier person if you hadn't have tampered with his body and fill him full of grass and oil being sived from your 3 month used tights. Yeuch!!!

Ok, onto the next miracle - God said there was light, and then there was light. Big Shirley says Let there be sight and there was sight. What a load of codswallop! You stated that a medical professional said that your son would end up a vegetable and should be institutionalised. No authentic medical professional would talk in that manner. they may give you advice but certainly would not talk in the tone you have outlined in your post.

You said your husbands health is getting worse - not a bit of wonder - poor man has seen daylight in years and for breakfast, dinner and tea he gets feckin grass (of an organic nature) and wallpaper juice.

Now, with all your magical powers and your magic bag of tricks could you not do something really amazing. Before I say this i must say that I really am sorry for the loss of your son. You made the sick, sicker but you did manage to make the blind see. What about making the dead rise? Do i see light bulbs on yer head? Go for it. Let me give you some potion tips...10 teaspoons of grass juice (organic), 5 bannana skins (organic), 10lbs of garlic, 2 teaspons of bird droppings every 2 minutes and lobelia every few minutes. Watch him rise. Dont do it in front of no luck chuck - poor bugger will take another heart attack (an organic one).

Now tell me of this bag - could i get one of ebay? Ive been searching but cant get one. I have a picture of it in my old beaten up leather school bag full of all the junk of the day.

Shirley - is that your real name by the way or are all your names cartoon characters - Shirley Temple, Chucky from the film - you know the one "Child's Play" - I bet thats what you say to him when you are feeding him full of grass juice, Hey Chucky - you wanna play?

I must go now, as its time for my hourly seaweed oil and bird doppings juice. I wish you all the best with your bag of tricks and wish good luck from me to chuck, with no luck, ah what the f**k.

A very concerned homeopathetic psychopath

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