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Image Embedded Issue 165: 10,000 Dentist Assistants Poisoned by Amalgam

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Published: 19 years ago

Issue 165: 10,000 Dentist Assistants Poisoned by Amalgam

Issue 165:
10,000 People Poisoned by Amalgam, New Blogs, News

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  • NRK, Norwegian state owned TV Channel, reported yesterday that more then 10,000 dentist assistants were exposed to extremely high concentrations of Mercury fumes, while working with Amalgam during 60's, 70''s, 80's and even early 90's. Whole Norway was watching this report, and after the report, NRK news reported about the large number of phone calls from dentist assistants. The report was long overdue, cause Norwegian healthy ministry knew about dangerous effects of Mercury since 1981, when scientists from Bergen University warned health authorities about dangers of Copper -Amalgam, a form of dental Amalgam containing 70% mercury. Copper -Amalgam is softer then usual amalgam, and much more dangerous, cause it is leaking mercury much more.
    Unfortunately, Copper-Amalgam was ideal for use on milk teeth in kids. Copper was killing bacteria, and it was possible to place filling without that tooth had to be dry or clean.

    Norwegian authorities finally admitted that many dentist assistants were exposed to large concentration of mercury fumes.

    Diana Echeverria, one of the leading experts on mercury poisoning from Seattle, USA, stated: I would be willing to state on record that those people should be evaluated, absolutely. They were exposed to too high levels of mercury.

    At Battelle, Seattle, USA, mercury researchers have examined over 6000 dentists and dentist assistants from USA. Their conclusion us that dentist personnel is measurably affected by mercury, even when they are exposed to a very low doses of mercury, 10 times lower then what was normal exposure of dental health workers in Norway up to seventies. Once the results of this research are published, they will create a big bang in the field of mercury toxicity.

    Diana Echeverria: A person's capacity to hold something steadily, very firmly in their fingers, and not jiggle, and not move this way or this way ... is impaired when someone has a fair amount of exposure to mercury.
    A person's ability to recall numbers is worse, so their attention is lower. We see increased symptomology mostly in complaints of memory loss, concentration and anxiety. We see some mood problems and some depression.

    Curezone blogger Rune have taken time to translate the transcript of this report into English language and complete transcript is now available on his blog:

    Reporter: Every time we were measuring, the instrument was showing "HL", High Level... that means over 1000 g Hg per cubic meter of air. How much over, we don't know ... we don't have the instrument that can measure it.

    Reporter: Section for Labor Medicine at the University of Bergen has examined dentist assistants after the request from Brennpunkt, NRK. All of them were working during the same time span: 1960 - 1990.
    25% of them report they often or very often have neurological problems. They have been compared with a group of Nurses of same age. Dentist assistants score sky high over Nurses on 4 points:

    1. Tremor / shaking
    2. Heart and lung problems.
    3. Depression
    4. Lack of memory / memory failure

    Interesting is that those four symptoms are common symptoms associated with mercury poisoning!
    Read more here:

    My Comment: During the last 20 years, I met several dentists and dentist assistants. They were all suffering from severe symptoms, including neurological problems, and I would say, those problems were related to mercury. When they changed their diet and eliminated sugar, processed foods and milk products, symptoms would fade or disappear, but in some of them some symptoms were still present.

    When I asked them: Do you think your symptoms are caused by mercury from amalgam you have been working with, they categorically said: No! No, there is no way amalgam has anything to do with my health problems. Amalgam is safe material! There are numerous studies proving safety.

    Saying anything negative about amalgam in front of someone who worked 50 years as dentist is like trying to talk negative about Bible or Jesus to someone who was Catholic priest for 50 years.
    For a dentist, amalgam is a miracle material, and no amount of science will ever convince some of them that amalgam can cause harm.

  • Neurobehavioral effects from exposure to dental amalgam Hg
  • Mercury from dental "silver" tooth fillings impairs sheep kidney function
  • Dental amalgam under the microscope
  • The mercury in your teeth

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