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Issue 92: _BOB's Quick Cleanse

Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Protozoa, Amoeba, Pin Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 20 years ago
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Issue 92: _BOB's Quick Cleanse

Mantz’ Quick Cleanse

My recommendation is – if you have the time and patience, do Dr. Richard Schulze ’s 5-day flushes.
They are not only very good cleanses – they are restorative as well. These are the starting points for any healing process.

I’ve noticed that the individual who is not deathly ill may not have the fortitude to stick with a cleanse for 5 or 10 days or more. What I’ve done is combine some of the highlights of other flushes into a quick 2-day flush and cleanse. I use it personally and am quite happy with the results. I use it occasionally to ‘clear out’. It would be for those that are looking to improve overall health but who do not have serious illness. Anyone can get through two days, right?

Items that are needed are: Intestinal Formula 1 & 2 (or Cleanse Quick Colon D-Tox Powder from Dr. C), D-Tox tea, SuperFood, Maple Syrup, Unsulphered Molasses, Lemons, Limes, Grapefruits, Epsom Salts , Cayenne Powder, Fruits and veges for juicing, Schulze’s Kidney Bladder Formula is optional.

First, the bowels must be working. I order Dr. Schulze ’s Intestinal Formula #1 & #2. Start taking #1 as directed. Once the bowels are moving 2-3 per day – stay at that level for 1 week. Then begin taking the #2 as directed. 5x per day for 5 days. Continue on the #1 so that you maintain 2-3 bowel movements per day.

Now you need 2 days time for the Quick Cleanse. I prefer Friday-Saturday. Some may not want to do this on a weekend because they want to have Friday pizza or a Saturday party. Whatever 2 days you choose you will need frequent and quick access to the bathroom on the second day. Frequent and quick.

I brew up Schulze’s D-tox tea according to its directions the night before I start my cleanse. I add 6 droppers of his Kidney Bladder formula (which will have its alcohol boiled out). The next morning I wake up and drink 16 oz of water. I don’t measure this out – I simply drink a large glass of distilled water. Then I make at least 32 oz of juice. I prefer organic apple/grape. This is followed by as much water or D-tox tea as I want. I drink the D-tox tea hot with a tablespoon of Dark Maple Syrup. I also take 3 tablespoons of 20/20 Unsulphered molasses (20% Calcium and 20% Iron). This really helps to stop hunger and to give me needed minerals.

Around 10am I make up some Schulze’s SuperFood in distilled water. I continue to drink as much water or tea as possible and I do take my normal herbs and supplements.

I take a hot cold shower.

Around noon I make more organic juice, around 32 oz.

More water and tea throughout the afternoon and a second SuperFood around 3pm.

I take another hot cold shower.

Around 5pm I make one more organic juice batch.

During one of the times that I make juice I juice an additional 1½ cups of organic grapefruit juice. I mix in 2 tablespoons of Epsom Salts . I cover this and keep it in the refrigerator until 6pm.

I take ¾ cup of the Epsom and grapefruit mixture (having shaken it thoroughly) at 6pm.

I take the remaining ¾ cup of the Epsom and grapefruit mixture (having shaken it thoroughly) at 8pm.

I then hand squeeze one full organic grapefruit into a cup that has a top. I add ½ cup of olive oil to that and shake vigorously. I drink the entire contents at 9pm and quickly go to bed (after I brush my teeth…)

As soon as I wake up I drink one quart of distilled water with 2 teaspoons of Sea Salt mixed in.

I then follow the same pattern as day one except that I also add the Lemonade drink every two hours. That is 10-14 oz of distilled water, 2 tablespoons of Maple Syrup, half a squeezed lemon or lime, and cayenne (I use a tablespoon of powder, others may need to start with less…).

I do not take any Epsom this day. I continue with Lemonade, Juice, and D-tox. I end the day with Intestinal Formula #1.

I start the morning of day 3 just like the others. I eat something raw and light as soon as the bowels move. My favorite fast breaker is a banana.

I certainly am clear after two days.
http://Cleanse Quick Colon D-Tox Powder


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