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Issue 112: Breast Cancer Quackery
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Published: 19 years ago
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Issue 112: Breast Cancer Quackery

This issue: Breast Cancer, Ulcerated bed sore, allergies, tapeworm, GM foods, Acne, flush, intolerance, depression,  ...

Breast Cancer Quackery

Educating Instead of Medicating
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Oct 26 2003

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Stopped a sever gallbladder attack:  I did the gallbladder/liver cleanse about 3 weeks ago for the first time and stopped a sever gallbladder attack in process and passed 200+ tan to greenish-tan coloured stones, no real green ones. The pain stopped within 20 minutes of taking the first dose of epsom salts and I haven't had any since!  Read

Breast Cancer: Next April will make 5 years for me. I have the so called quackbusters most notorious quack, Dr. Hulda Clark, to thank for my survival. Other than anesthetics for surgery and dental work, I have not had any drug, even an aspirin, since my cancer diagnosis. Read

Stephen Barrett (QuackWatch): CEASE AND DESIST ORDER, AND DEMAND FOR SATISFACTION...    On October 15th, 2003, the California Appeals Court District #1, in the case titled "Barrett vs. Rosenthal," issued an OPINION which clearly states "the facts as to Barrett and Grell, who were not defamed"  Read

Ulcerated bed sore: She developed an ulcerated bed sore for which the wound management people could not find a viable approach. I used BF & C developed by Dr. Shultze's teacher Dr. Christopher. It was so much better than what the nurses were using that the Dr. wrote an order allowing me to apply the BF & C to my mother's wound.  Read

Tapeworm:  I told him about my liver stone parasite, and the spontaneous passing of an 18" long tapeworm. Read
When I voided the first part of the enema, about three feet of mucoid plaque (the fabled ropes sought by colon cleansers) came out. Embedded in this plaque were the bodies of worms. I don't think these were tapeworms. They were two to four inches long, white, round, and fairly thin. 

What's Wrong with Genetic Modification? Read

  • Crops which have been Genetically Modified to contain their own insecticide, such as Bt, cause insects to become resistant to the insecticide.
  • Genetically Modified plants may crossbreed with wild species to produce "superweeds", which cannot be eliminated using standard herbicides.
  • Toxic compounds such as glyphosate (RoundUp) and Bromoxynil are used on Genetically Modified crops. The US Environmental Protection Agency has approved the use of Bromoxynil despite acknowledging "...serious concerns about developmental risks to infants and children."  Read

The First Liver Flush:  It was a thrilling experience for me, to see this stuff with my own eyes, coming from my own body...Wow!!!  It is soooo different when it happens to YOU.
They keep coming, though! I am NOT fond of the Epsom Salts, but I would NEVER skip the morning doses, I love how they bring all these monsters to lihgt!
Oops, another 16mm one plus 5x5-6mm ones...I lost count now... 

A Liver's Story: Hello, I'm hopinso's liver. She refused to post two flush stories in one week, so I'm giving you my side. Yesterday morning when Hope and I woke up, I gave her a little jab of pain and said "Flush today".  Read

Stupid Skeptic Tricks: Ever get into an argument with a skeptic only to end up exasperated and feeling you've been bamboozled? Skeptics are often highly skilled at tying up opponents in clever verbal knots. Most skeptics are, of course, ordinary, more-or-less honest people who, like the rest of us, are just trying to make the best sense they can of a complicated and often confusing world. Read

Flush #16-Astounding Results: I did my 16th liver flush last night, with results like I've never experienced before. I have been doing the Master Cleanse fast for 11 days; on the twelfth day and day of the flush I added some diluted apple juice to my diet. Read

Acne, bloating, animal fat intolerance:  I did my first flush 2 months ago and since then I have noticed a few things.  I can eat animal fat now without getting acne. Most of my bloating has gone. Read

Fat intolerance:  I'm 24 yrs old, and am into health/nutrition/exercise and bodybuilding. My main problem is handling fats in my diet. I've read and tried every diet known to man, both mainstream and bodybuilding related. My main problem is what seems to be a fat intolerance.  Read

Allergies gone, along with lingering doubts: It is now my peak allergy season. The ragweed pollen count has reached 11 (on a scale of 12), fully the misery stage for me, but I have had no reaction. I had no idea what the pollen count would be until I looked it up. Woohoo!  Read

My Newest and most Successful cleanse ever: I appreciate the Epsom Salt Flush. I've done 5-6 of them. Each time the numbers of stones has decreased and the size of the individual stones has increased.  Read

Depressison is GONE: I only did the bowel cleanse (this was before I found this awesome website) and now my depresison is GONE!  Read

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