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Experience with curing disorders?
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Published: 19 years ago

Experience with curing disorders?

Helloooo everyone! :)
I’m new to this forum, and I’ve been scanning through many of the old posts to find some answers, but didn’t make it through all 15 pages, so I apologize if anyone has posted anything like this before.. (please don’t yell at me- Mike). Haha, juuust kidding. Any responses will be greatly appreciated!
My main question is whether anyone here has ever water fasted to cure a disease or illness..and if so, how long did you fast for? under what conditions? with what kind of “supervision”?.. was your sickness alleviated at all by the end of the fast? I would particularly like to know if anyone has ever had any digestive disorders and fasted to relieve the symptoms. I’ve had a serious gastrointestinal disorder for almost 2 years, which often leaves me unable to move or even breathe without excruciating pain and bloating that always occurs after eating. It literally feels like someone is repeatedly stabbing me with a knife, leaving me with a gnawing pain that continues throbbing until I fall asleep with a heating pad on my stomach. (this is my routine…) I saw my doctor for this once before, but all he said was that “it doesn’t sound serious” and gave me a prescription for a medication, as always. I didn’t take it, of course, because I don’t believe in taking medicines- I’ve always been strongly inclined to take the natural/holistic approach. …which is why I began to consider enduring another extended fast. Throughout the past 3 years, I’ve fasted many times, in many different ways –from 24 hour to 10 day water fasts, as well as 3 week “semi-fasts” with organic juiced vegetables or fruits.. and everytime, I feel so much more energetic (and more importantly- functional, b/c I have no stomach aches) –but afterwards, when I begin eating whole foods, my stomach inflammation flares up again… So the most logical remedy seems to be to fast again, to clear the symptoms, so I can live normally- but my mom (who's a nurse) keeps telling me that my stomach problems arose from having acid eat away at my stomach lining as a result of going for long periods of time without eating. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I’ve done a lot of research on fasting in the past, and always found loads of info that boasted about the benefits… so I hate to think that it could be contributing to the disorder. Basically, I want to do an extended water fast, because I think the body will heal itself if given enough time and rest, but I’m a little hesitant because I don’t really know if it will alleviate or exacerbate my symptoms in the long run….
If anyone has any experience with this kind of thing…or any opinion about whether you think it will cure my tummy troubles… pleeeeease let me know! Thanks & good luck to all!

p.s.- just another bit of info: I'm pretty sure it's not diet-related.. I’ve tried removing every kind of food from my diet to find the culprit with no luck. I’ve always been a vegetarian, then transitioned to Macrobiotics and lasted for about 8 months, but was told (by everyone) that I looked anorexic, so now I'm vegan.

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