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Re: Immediate Risks of Abortion
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Published: 18 years ago
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Re: Immediate Risks of Abortion

Some of your statement contain inaccuracies.

Regarding breast cancer. There are positively no links from abortions to breast cancer. I unfortunately live in an area of the country that has a high rate of breast cancer. I have unfortunately known numerous women to succumb to this disease. Many of them had children, NO abortions. Of the women I do know that have had abortions (again I know many personally), one of them has gotten breast cancer. This is speaking after 30+ years of knowing these women. Back in the 70's, in my area, legal abortions were common. At the last High School reunion, many of the women I knew talked about who had what health issue, etc. Most all the women who had died of breast cancer, interestingly enough, had no children, or children late in life.

So, this is from personal experience in a high Breast Cancer area. I just do not believe that statistic at all, and think it is just some other drummed up excuse to say that abortions are going to kill you. You simply cannot scare a woman away from an abortion because of the "possibility" of getting breast cancer, just like you can't often scare smokers because of the "possibility" of killing yourself.

Also, MOST of the women I've know that did have abortions, went on to have children later, with no complications.

How did I know so many of these women? I used to be a counselor for Planned Parenthood back in the late 70's and early 80's, in my immediate community. Having been a counselor, I never once tried to sway a woman to have an abortion. If the woman wanted to have an abortion, I had the literature available. If the woman wanted to have the baby, I had re-natal information available. I had literature for counseling for either available. I had information for girls regarding contraceptives available. We struggled for money to continue our operation, and depended heavily on donations from the public. Most of our services were offered free. That is why I just can't believe that some people are so against Planned Parenthood on this forum.

I personally was glad to be in the situation that I could answer ALL questions for these scared girls. We were taught to not help the person make a "choice" AT ALL. This was a liability for a counselor, and had major repercussions to the organization if you swayed a girl and it turned out badly. In fact, I saw a few counselors let go because of their obvious bias one way or another. It also makes me mad when they say that we pushed abortions without talking about the dangers. That is very inaccurate. We discussed dangers on both sides, because a 14-year old has very real danger in childbirth. The youngest girl I had in my office was a 12 year old, raped by her brother, and terrified to tell anyone. Everyone has possible problems with every single medical procedure, bar none.

I just don't think that planned parenthood has changed that much since, in fact, I'm sure of it.

Also, we did not talk about religion, ever. We had women from all walks of life and heritages. I can't stand that someone would ask how God would judge you? It just goes to show you that no matter where you look for information on the "pro-life" movement, almost everything points back to Christian faith, and the guilt that it can sometimes impart. All these scare tactics that the pro-life organizations use are just what they are, scare tactics.

I'm sure that your organization, just as you accuse other organizations, such as planned parenthood, serves to give women all the information, except for information about their right to an abortion. I'm sorry, but I don't think you serve women for anything except to support your cause.


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