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Re: How to debate a pro-lifer
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: How to debate a pro-lifer

Hey, some serious effort on organizing your thoughts on this issue! Good job! I do think these discussions have already taken place on this forum, but ok - this is better than the insults.

1) I acknowledge that the fetus is a distinguishable life from the mother, and is more than a piece of tissue.

The fetus is not a distinguishable life from the mother until it can live outside of the mother. The fetus has the ‘potential’ to become a human being but until it becomes a human being that can live independent of the mother, it is not a human life – the fetus has a POTENTIAL of BECOMING a human life.

2) I acknowledge that abortion is wrong (probably even immoral) because there IS something of value in every human life, even at the moment of conception.

You believe that human life begins at the moment of conceptions. I disagree. See number 1.

3) I especially acknowledge that any late-term abortion, except in the most dire of health circumstances, is absolutely a horrible thing -- and should be outlawed.

I absolutely hate the thought of late-term abortion except in the most dire of health circumstances as well. But, I think that the doctor and mother should be the ones to decide. The government has no place in this decision. When you are faced with a medical crisis like that you need to be able to make these difficult decisions with your doctor (and family if you wish for them to be involved). I think late term abortions are very rare and are used in extreme cases.

4) I agree that abortion CAN be dangerous and CAN cause long-term emotional issues for the mother.

Yes, they could be dangerous and could cause long-term emotional issues. The women I know who had abortions did not take the decision lightly. It was a very difficult, weighty decision for them. Like I’ve said before – in a perfect world there would be no need for abortions – all pregnancies would be planned and without any health consequences to the Mother. Abortions would be more dangerous if they became illegal.

5) I would agree that abortion does not bring honor to our nation.

Abortions are not something that you equate with honor. I can think of lots of things that are legal or necessary but do not equate with honor. Until people no longer make mistakes and women are no longer in danger of rape and incest - the option of abortion needs to be an available choice.

6) I agree that adoption can be a truly wonderful thing and, in many cases, a better option for all parties

Yes it could be if that was your CHOICE but you can’t force anyone to endure pregnancy and child birth against their will.

7) I agree that our nation should never promote abortion, but instead always attempt to reduce it's numbers by public awareness, celebrity endorcements, community outreach, and adoption awareness.

Those are all nice things and I think that is already the reality. Add to that - educating our children about respecting their own bodies and respecting others and safe sex. I don’t see anyone promoting abortion (have you?). Fewer abortions would be a good thing.

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