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BOTH sides are correct-- YA'LL gotta listen up!
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Published: 18 years ago
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BOTH sides are correct-- YA'LL gotta listen up!

I think both sides are correct--please listen to this theory:

Yes-- God gave this man a soap recipe to wean people off of the highly toxic Sulfate , MSG, crap that is being sold on the market- that is not led by God, but by corporate greed. Yet God also wants us to go a step further and realize that, yes, things we already have freely given to us in nature- in their most simplest forms-- are actually the most ideal of all!

When God says, "You must become as this little child to enter the Kingdom of God" He wasnt fooling- Becoming like a little child also means simplicity in all areas of life.

God condescended to folks not ready to go pure natural yet. It was like God was saying, "Okay, these people are not ready yet to follow my path of true simplicity in its purest form (clay,etc.) This will be their FIRST lesson in simplicity- then I will keep on speaking to them to show them more through people like MH"

This Miracle Soap is a 'stepping stone' for people- a good start to use in replacement of what is on the market. But God wants to teach us MORE.

Yes, God keeps talking to us- not just once. He continually keeps speaking but most of us are too distracted to hear Him. And it doesnt matter if your Muslim, Or Christian, or Wiccan, or Buddhist- because the Creator made you and will speak to you as well as anyone, or else He wouldnt of created you.

YES God did direct this man to make this soap- but He is also speaking to us today to go a step further and hear what He is telling us through MH and others. "There is more to the story!"
Things in thier simplicity-- such as clay, etc., have always been the best to use- but we humans are too complicated to notice.

GOD WANTS US ALL TO GET SIMPLE! not simple, I mean , He wants us to lose our complicated egos, and become as uncomplicated as children. Even in our food, and using simple things he put before us.

In the Old Testament, there is a general or some military guy that got leprosy. Forgot his name (that's what happens when ya have mercury fillings in your mouth!) ., so I cant exactly tell ya who but he had this little Jewish girl maid who interceded for him with Elijah (?), the Jewish Prophet.

Elijah told the maid girl to tell this general that God wanted him to dip himself in one of their dirtiest bodies of water in that area. The guy got offended in the prophet and refused, but one of his servants told this bigshot , "look!. if he asked you to do this or that, you'd do it- so why is it hard for you to just simply dunk yourself in this water?" Soo, reluctantly, this leperous general walked into the lake, and listened to the instructions from Elijah .

He came out of that water completely cured from the Leprosy, and he was jumping for joy!

We are all like this general. We overlook the most simplest of cures for the most complicated. God knows this, so that is why he had that man make that God's soap=- to give us something to wean us off of the crap being sold in all the grocery stores today.



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