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MH, Dental Fillings (just a cover ? for my real problem)
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Published: 16 years ago

MH, Dental Fillings (just a cover ? for my real problem)

Im not exactly sure how many fillings that I actually have, but thankfully my mother at an early age scared me away from mercury tainted fillings. And though it was 3x the cost, I went with the porcelain alternative. From what I have read these our safe fillings, is this true? Also, with as corrupt and money hungry as dentists are, is there any way to test/check out if they are truely porcelain, and not some cheap alternative that is just as dangerous to my well being?

And now my real problem. Im 24, single white 'american' male. All my life I have been a miserable soul, and have searched for the reasoning behind this, and of course a quick fix so that I could finally be happy. I had finally came to the conclusion that I was just too smart for my own good (wrong answer). I look around and I see this world we live in, and how wrong it is (I could write books on my observations, and the reasoning, but Im purty sure I wouldnt be telling you anything you did not allready know) and came to the conclusion that no matter what I did, I would/could not fit in, and accepted the fact that most likely I would just be miserable all my life. I accepted this as fact, and trained myself to be content. All my answers, reasons, and conclusions, of course, turned out to be thouroughly wrong. Thankfully of late, I have learned I do not need to look far for reasons of my sadness, and the answers to it. Within myself, I am to blame for the way I feel, and am the only one that can do anything about it. This brings me joy to have finally come to this conclusion, and to fianlly be proactive and do something about it to remedy the situation. BUT..then my situation smacks me in the face, and brings me back to the pit of despair, to be content once again in my misery.

Heres the problem. Im so scared to change, scared that I cannot change, and scared that if I change, that I am not strong enough to stick to my convictions. Thats what Im working on...I am a heroin junkee, for the last year and a half. And I do not wish to live my life this way, it is a severe hurdle to my goal of being healthy, body, mind, and spirit. I have attempted to quit god knows how many times in the past months, but can never make it through the suffering of the withdrawals, even with evil Doctor support. So heres my main question of this long drawn out post. I have made the decision, to quit...again....and am up to 10 hours since my last usage. My withdrawals have begun as of an hour ago, and are still in the building up stage. Again I am not looking forward to this next week of hell, and I know by past attempts, that cold turkey, and with no support I will not succeed. Is there any natural help that I can seek out? I know that there is nothing that is gonna completely take the pain/symptons away (unless i goto the doctor and have them give me poisons to mask it), but anything that will lessen the hell would be muchly appreciated. The worst part of the ordeal, is the inabillity to sleep. As the brain is cleaing the opiates from the receptors, it seems to be unable to rest, and go into a state of rest. In the past I had tried 50x extract of valarian root, kava kava, sleepy time tea, and numerous other 'herbal' remedies to try and force my body to sleep, of course nothing worked.

This page is a godsend, my friend sent me a link this evening, he will never know how gratefull I am. The information within is priceless, I am in the process of change, and made the decision to take action, my first step was to gather information, and to educate myself. Otherwise I would not know where to begin or exactly what I needed to do. THANK YOU

True happiness, can only be obtained through healthy living. <-- I woke up thinking that this morning. . .


In this long journey, is it the decison to change, or the actions that need to be taken the hardest part?

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