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Curious as to your thoughts about fungi and cancer
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Published: 16 years ago

Curious as to your thoughts about fungi and cancer

MH, this is a post that I posted on the Cancer forum....I know not everything listed her is in agreement with your thoughts such as supplements...but I was wondering if you could just give your comments about the cancer yeast/fungi connection based on what is said here...Thanks.

Here's the post...

This is what I've learned and believe to be true about cancer...take it for what its worth... I've been looking into this for a few years now...And personally believe this... You don't have to... It's added here as food for thought

We've been studying health, buying books, watch a great health show everyday, visit many sites like this one etc. Along with other books on cancer we have The Fungus Link and The Germ that causes cancer...By Doug Kaufmann.

What Doug says and everything I've read and researched since reading his books and watching his show...(he use to be on TV) is that Cancer has a yeast/fungal connection.

I mean this stuff is even biblical...Do you remember in the bible it says that if you find mold growing on your house to have the elders come check it out and clean it out, and if it grows back to tear down the house..

Well, mold, fungus, rust, yeast....they are all in the same family...

Antibiotics are fungal by products... it means they are made from pennicillian.(sp?)

Antibiotics are mycotoxins....poisons......antibiotics kill the good guys along with the bad...sorta in the same way as Chemo..(you know they give it and hope it kills the cancer before it kills you)

Doug says the reason we are seeing more cancers and other illnesses today is because since 1950 or there abouts when antibiotics became the norm we have increased our use of them....

And well the antibiotics are in our meat, milk, chicken etc as well...

Antibiotics while killing off a bacterial infection also kill off the good bacteria..

Think of it this way... you have an army that God put in and around your intestinal good bacteria...(this makes up 75% of your immune system) along with that are some bad guys, like a bit of yeast...

When you take an antibiotic you kill off the good guys as well as the bad guys and your army is now been dwindled each time you take an meat, or are exposed to mold etc.

Also when your army is low (ie good bacteria) the bad guys (namely yeast) start to multiply...especially if you eat sugar...(remember we didn't always eat the amount of sugar we do today) Yeast and sugar equal inflamation...Yeast also has little tini...and poke holes in your intestinal tract and let food and other toxins into your blood stream...

Doug says that our cells and the yeast cells are similar and that yeast will poke a hole into the human cell to hide itself and then it mutates... it changes the DNA of the cell and you get cancer...

Others even more notable than Doug K...say that yeast/fungus can cause the DNA of a cell to change on a cellular level..

Then you have this information:

Yeast is fueled by sugar ....Fact...
Cancer is fueled by sugar...Fact

Yeast overgrows, cancer matastisis (sp?) it just means moves from one place to another. So they call it breast cancer, bone cancer etc...

Yeah, I know that people say its the pesticides, the dyes, the this, the that...can cause cancer... and I believe that is true... but only because your body is over taxed...because we live in a toxic world.
And your immune system..IE your good bacteria is no longer their as a defense...

If your immune system was high and your good bacteria was high and the yeast fungus was dealt with (will go into all that a bit later) then your body fights off cancer...

Your body, and mine fight off 6 bouts of cancer in our life times successfully....And if your immune system is healthy it will continue to...

That is why I say your fight the yeast load in the body, take probiotics to increase the good guys, keep the toxic load down..

Eat well (lots of good raw veggies, drinking good clean water and exercising) Exercising for additional cleansing of the lymph system, take food source supplements to supply your body with the nutients it needs, get sunshine everyday, keep the stress load down, good healthy sleep for rejuvenation, cleanse the organs and maybe each of us can avoid this ugly disease.


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