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amazing i'm almost cured !!!
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Published: 17 years ago

amazing i'm almost cured !!!

My history

I know that some University will read this post and will claim they discovered a cure for this disease, but not !!! The credit's are all for me !!!

I'm now 45
Since 1987 I started to suffer with Seborreic dermatitis secretion
Then I started to have Acne and many and painful hair face folliculitis
Then my skin became red around the nose, and I lost my skin in pieces every day, to explain a little my skin was like an self-adhesive vinyl, because I could take it out in pieces, sometimes 1 inch of skin around my nose.

I visited many MD's, all they could do was with Nizoral application every day (an expensive and poison medicine), they said you have to wash your face every day with Nizoral shampoo and apply Nizoral cream.

Nizoral works, but if you stop it you have the problem again.

So I found a guy on the net that was using apple vinegar. I started to use too, at the time the disease spreaded to my chest and to my BALL's !!! I was suffering a LOT !!!.n

Vinegar worked, but it smell so BAD ! And if you stop it you have the disease back.

OK, I started to study this Damn disease and fond it's caused by a yeast called Malassezia, or ptyrosporum ovale. I decided to make an agar plate and culture it at my home, I made 25 agar plates with Malassezia growing, on each plate I tried desperatelly all the stuff you can imagine, vinegar, zapping, ozone, nizoral, aspirins, trying to kill the yeast and observing it at my poor microscope. During a year nothing was useful.

I had to come back to the MD and he said; now that this is a chronic disease and it's spreading to all your body you will have to take Nizoral orally, I said; are you crazy !?

OK, one day I was meditating about this, very profoundly, and I was wondering WHY ? every single time I travelled to another city, my Seborrheic Dermatitis improved for much better, what M' I doing when I travel? Eating other food type? Sleeping better? Having less stress? Drinking a different water? Takin more bath than usual? What ? What? What was the key point?

I tryed every single possibility mentioned above, and nothing was working, until the day I Thought !!!
Wait !!! when I travel I eat mainly fruit's at the hotels breakfast because normally they have very good and fresh fruits, and I eat a lot of it because I don't trust food of other restaurants in cities that I don't know.

I Also avoid milk and cheese, I avoid dairy. So what's the point? Start to eat a lot of fruits every day. NO, was not workin yet, I was improving but slowly slowly.

I wondered again, I'm missing something, AH !!! YES !!! Orange Juice, I DRINK a LOT OF ORANGE JUICE at the hotels is That!!!
ORANGE = VITAMIN C, is that!!! I found the KEY !!!

I started to take 4000mg of L-Ascorbic acid every day, and I dissolve a little bit of L-Ascorbic acid every day in water and apply it on my face and chest and (testicules !).

After only two weeks I'm almost totally cured, my skin is beautiful today and I'm so happy friends, so happy, with myself !

The malassezia thing is still here trying to eat my skin, but vitamin C is protecting it and making it very strong, so the malassezia yeast will give up and I'll have my health back.


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