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Re: Want to get rid of this awful disease.

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Clarkia Parasites Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanse

My Complexion is Glowing
Oxy-Powder Attacks The Source Of Your Constipation, You Will ...

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Want to get rid of this awful disease. Go To Re: Dark Dark week by thewebbfamily 15 days 81 1
Want to get rid of this awful disease. by AceofSpades 68 min 4

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Subject: Want to get rid of this awful disease.
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Date: 8/29/2006 7:06:20 PM ( 96 min ago ) ... message viewed 8 times

Hello Sheldon and everyone else, I emailed you recently about my condition and asked your advice on some things, etc. I have been on your diet for about 6 days now, but I did cheat without realizing it, until I figured it out. my U.C. is in my rectum and left side of the colon, very painful bowel movements, I don't think they would be so bad if my rectum wasn't so sore, is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone else have to literally force when having a bowel movement? I am not constipated but forcing is the only thing that helps relieve it, and it is extremely difficult to try to keep from forcing. Anyway, as I said, I have been on your diet for 6 days now and am going to continue with the right food choices if you still advise on that. I am taking a liquid vitamin E which contains all the ingredients you said, gamma, beta, and delta tocepherols, it also contains wheat germ oil, and soybean oil. The liquid is measured in drops which is 5 drop per 100 I.U. so I calculate it up to what would be 10 pills, which is alot of drops. It is called Solgar's Natural Liquid Vitamin E, I found it would be easier to use this instead, what are your thoughts on that? I am taking on multi-vitamin(GNC mega men) one vitamin E pill(Daily Source brand name), one Fish Oil pill a day, one vitamin C 500mg, and I am also taking 4 (2 2x a day)Colostrum Plus, and acidophilus pearls. My diet has been basically alot a veggies...brocolli, yam, asparagus, carrots, onions, and cauliflower. I get protein from fresh salmon, amish chicken with a few herb spices on it which are both cooked on a flavorwave oven, and canned tuna. Since I have started this diet I think my bowel movements have decreased slightly though their is still alot of pain in the rectum and stomach when I am about to pass a movement. It is hard to sleep at night because almost every hour I wake up and use the bathroom, so I am hoping I am doing everything correctly now. I am completely off of my meds tapered off of prednisone a week or two ago as well as Asacol. Do you think Aloe Vera gel(edible) would help at all? My grandfather suggested it and I took 2 table spoons of it one day but didn't notice anything, though I suppose I would have to take it longer for anything to work. Also do you think this could help sooth the rectum at all? (if taken like an enema?) Are the natural vitamins acidophilus pearls, and Colostrum suit this procedure? Is the vitamin E I am using suitable? Well I believe that is all the questions I have. Also I have been talking to the owner of a natural foods store who said the cause of this is all the good bacteria in the gut were killed by Antibiotics . She first asked if I had had alot of those as a kid, and then it hit me, I did have quite a few, so that is the only cause that I can think of other than viruses, bacteria, etc. which I tested negative for all of them. How do you think yours was brought on? Thanks for your time Sheldon! Kyel

Hello Kyel,
The procedure is a prescription not a recipe.From my own experience and many others,small changes can make a difference in the procedures effectiveness.The changes you make may be good but I think the wise course is to follow a procedure that has proven itself many times.
Then use the result as a base for judging other changes.There are many other factors that can effect the procedure:food allergens that might inflame the gut lining(possibilities are wheat.egg yolk,barley,oats and dairy)and other foods,emotional stress,an necessary increase in certain vitamins,improper exercise and a lack of the necessary digestive juices keeping the body malnourished.
If the correct procedure is not effective within a short period of time,you can take tests to find the other possibilities.You can test the effectiveness of the procedure by positive changes in stool form,number of bowel movements and degree of bleeding.Good information.Please keep us advised.sheldon

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