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Re: Projectus Shapus

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Projectus Shapus

"But surely some girl child living dirt poor in say.. Saudi Arabia, can't be blamed for what suffering she may endure. I read of a woman in Saudi Arabia who was beaten her whole life, then stoned to death after she was raped by her cousin because she 'disgraced' her family."

This is where the collective comes in. What are we doing about this? We are one.

As far as the lady goes. Is it possible that she had herself locked into a belief system that contined to recreate similar circumstances? This stemming out of fear of lack, or of social pressure? There are belief systems at play that then filter potentiality ijh a limited, filtered coresponding reality. Could she have simply left? Or was the fear of change and uncertainty her filtered flow of suffering? I put these out as possibiliies.

I have studied the human condition a great deal. I have seen people with broken spines walk again against all "conditioned" odds. I have seen people rub up against collective madness and come out shinng like a rose. We suffer when we beleive we are victims to any experiences. We can experience pain but to choose suffering is a trick of the mind. It is a choice based on belief systems.

I am saying suffering is when we don't pay attention to pain and allow the circumstances to continue without activley changing them. Also when we think of many angles (negative) around one painful moment and keep it alive from our past, or keep thinking that something similar will reocur in the future. This attracts more of the same experience. If you don't like your current experience, change it. Whatever that means in what ever situation. Placing negative emotion to soemthing will work to keep creating it.

Suffering is a choice. For example. We can touch a hot stove and feel pain. We can suffer by replaying it in our mind and tell ourselves how bad we have it. We can trup that up in our minds and die a thousand deaths over it. Anotgher option would to not choose to suffer. See the pain as a signal and move forward with a distinction about touching hot stoves.

"Couldn't it be that sometimes things happen that we don't have control over?"

Things happen in the collective that can affect us but, and here is the important distinction, our responses determine outcome from there. We bump up against all kinds of people. This is the collective dance we choose in a unoverse of infinote connections. We can choose to be alone(illsuion of being cut of from totality). We can choose to be connected. Another choice. When we understand the process of creation, we can begin to create coherently and attract the circumstances that align with our coherent thoughts.

"I believe we can make a difference, but sometimes there's just nothing we can do about where we were born and what life we were forced into."

I would change the "forced" to attracted. Even souls coming into the life experience, choose the parameters of their starting point. Why would a person choose what society may think of as a "bad circumstance"? Experience. Our life is based on contrast. We can use this contrast to propel us to greater harmony or dwell in the swamp of negative thoughts. Again experiemce. A "cool thing" may be understanding how to break the loop of recreating from attached thinking and clearing that, so one can create from unlimited potential. Breaking the bonds of our limiting beliefs may just be a very stimulating proposition for the soul to undertake. ;-)


"Are you saying she could have changed her circumstances if she wanted to? "

Absolutely yes. As many choose to do. Of course many more don't. That is what free will is all about. We can choose harmony or disharmony. We are in constant flux. When we tether our minds to our "past" hardships and our possible future problems, we filter the feild of infinite potentiality is a way that creates what it is we are thinking. Knowing that we can move towards a new outcome, unatached to "what was" is freedom. It is a revelation of the soul.

Of course these are just words. Experience is much more convincing. Try it on. See how it fits.


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