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Re: --answers-- Electrical magnetic energy.
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: --answers-- Electrical magnetic energy.

Hi Givati,

I understand your wanting to know answers, as this is Human Nature in action!

But, the problem which comes about, is then what is the person going to choose to do after they have the answer ?

And as I see it, from past experience, is that many people want to know all kinds of things, "BUT" then they are unwilling to do anything about it to try to Help themself, because then they may have to change their ways, and most people just are not willing to Change, no matter what they learn about or hear about !

So, as I see it, "IF" the person is unwilling to change their ways on something as simple as learning to eat correctly and to "STOP" eating "JUNK" foods, then what is the purpose for more info, because they will just smear it in the waste pit they have chose to wallow in and make fun of it !

This is exactlly what has been taking place on curezone by those who are not willing to Grow up and take Responsibility for their own actions !

And it does not take a Rocket scientist to figure out who these people are, just by reviewing their many past posts and see that they still have not solved their own problems, yet are dishing out "Advice" left and right like they have all the answers, mean while they have been unable to solve their own problems with these answers which they are so freely dishing out!!

But, as time allows and when I consider it may be appropiate to make more comments about some of these ideas, then I may do so ?

What I see as most important now, is for people to learn about some simple ways in which they may learn about doing some cost effective things to Help them correct their Health problems, "IF" they are willing to make some changes in their Life style !

When enough people learn about these simple ways to Help themself and they are sharing this info with enough others to help them Help themself, then I may consider discussing some more indepth ideas ?

But, just remember, it is not what we learn about which does us Good, but what we learn about and then take Planned Action to do something to change our way of Life so that we may then Benefit from this info !

As the Good Book says, Knowledege is of little value, unless it is made use of, by putting it to Good use!

So, "IF" the hearer is only able to suck on milk , then you do not feed them meat !

In reference to your comment about survival, this physical Life is just but a temporary stepping stone in our journey for learning to acknowledge our Creator and to come to realize that without mankind learning to follow his instruction book about how to Live and get along with our fellow man, that mankind left to his own devices may never learn to get along, nor survive !

The religions of the world have Decieved most of mankind from the Real Truth of our Creator and our purpose on earth, but what else can you expect from those who have been Decieved by Satan themself ?

"IF" people can not make choices to change their ways to Better their health, which they may be suffering from because of their Bad Life styles, how do you expect people to be willing to change in any kind of Spiritual thinking which they can not see or feel Pain from it, like the Physical Feelings and Pain which they can determine in their physical body ?

All we may accomplish is to share to those willing to listen and as they grow in understanding and willingness to make the needed changes to Better their Lives !

It then is their choice as to the actions which they may choose to do or follow !

We can not save our Loved ones, they must make their own choices !

So, the best we may do is to learn how to teach our Love ones how to make the proper choices, and this requires that we allow our children to take responsibility for their Bad choices and pay the Price when they make the wrong choice !

It is called "TOUGH" "LOVE" !

When we allow this to take place, then after a while the child may start to connect Bad Results with Bad choices, and then may be willing to start to make the correct choices !

Smile Tis your choice.


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