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Re: --answers-- Electrical magnetic energy.
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: --answers-- Electrical magnetic energy.

Hi Givati,

Your sharing these understandings have allowed me to Better understand your Line of thinking and questioning!

May I make a suggestion ?

There is "ONLY" one "Unpardonable Sin" and it is that when we learn we are doing something which is wrong, which may Harm our own body or anyone else's or that we are doing something which is not in being in Harmony with our Creation, and after it is brought to our attention so that we now recognize we have been wrong, then for us to Refuse to make the needed changes , so that we no longer walk in those wrong foot steps, then this Refusal to change for the better, this then may be the "only" unpardonable Sin which exist !

Example from the Good Book: When Jesus meet the Prostitute at the well who the Nobles of the town were about to stone her to Death because of her profession !

Jesus asked the Nobles of the town, that whoever was not Guilty of commiting "ANY" kind of a Sin, to be the first one to cast the first stone to Kill this woman!

All of her accusers, who were these Nobles of the town, then slowly slipped away into the darkness, because they each knew they each had comminted Sins themself and some of them with her!

Then Jesus spoke to the woman and ask her where her accusers were, she did not have any more accusers, and Jesus told her, you know what you have been doing is wrong, so now go and Sin no more !

Now, that Jesus was the Real Jesus, not the one talked about by many today !

For he did not accuse this woman and try to frighten her by telling her she would go to Hell and Burn in Hell for ever and ever, if she did not change her ways !

No, all this "Jesus" Basically said was that , now you have learn that what you have been doing is wrong, so "STOP" doing this which is wrong, in other words be willing to change your Life for the better!

The moral of this is that we can not change the mistakes we have made in the past!

But when we come to understand we have been making the wrong choices, in "ANY" part of our Life, we then are going to be held accountable for "not" being willing to change, and this may be that which is Unpardonable !

So, as we learn Better and are willing to change our Life, we may know that there is always Hope for us !

As to the past mistakes you may have made in trying to Help others, you may not change the past, but you may change the Future !

But, you need to understand this also applies to "ALL" people !

"IF" and when you are willing to change for the better, this does not mean that others you care about may be willing to do the same !

You must lead by example and let them make their own choices !

Do you see a little better why I always tell people it is their own choice !

All I can do is provide some different ideas which may help the person solve their problems, but I can not force them to help themself!

The individual person has to take Responsibility for their own choices, Good or Bad !

Those who are unwilling to change their ways, may continue to Suffer from their Bad choices , which may be Physically or Spiritually or both !

This is just the way it has to be!

"NO" exceptions !

We "ALL" make mistakes as we go along in Life, but when we recogonize we have been making a mistake, it then is "OUR" Responsibility to do something to change for the better !

Not anyone else's choice nor responsibility !

And "IF" we learn we have made mistakes and try to change those we Love, if they do not want to change, then we generally just make them mad at us !

It is Best to allow people to make their own choices and then they have no one to Blame but themself, when they make the wrong choices !

Smile Tis your choice.

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