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Dr. Carey Reams' RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) LINKS

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Published: 15 years ago
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Dr. Carey Reams' RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) LINKS

Hi Givati :-),

I suggest you investigate Dr. Carey Reams' RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization). Sounded to me from some of your past posts as if you were already working with that.

These are all great links, some of Dr. Reams and some not, but each touches upon the questions you are asking, ref anion, cation, millhouse and atoms, and some of them should help :-).

Dr. Carey Reams, MD, Chemist and Ag specialist

Dr. Reams' Book, "The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come", available for free download on the Web at:
I encourage you to print this out on paper and save it to CD as well, and spread it around, it's a great work.

Yet another excellent link, loaded with great info:

A couple of specific Links to Other Reams info:

This link talks about Millhouse Units, etc.:

Also: the website of Dr Dennis Myers MD (Retired):


The problem is that human science hasn't caught up with actual truth yet, and has developed no instrumentation to prove these principles about which you are asking, to its own anal satisfaction- And therefore it's stuck, along with those who worship it.

You are right now looking at the bridge between physical and metaphysical.

1. "Is this where the junkfoods kicks in,the starches from white bread potatoes pasta fats and cheeses that they block the movement of the villi by clocking the space in between the villi."

Me- I am assuming that was a typo and you meant *blocking* the spaces- Junkfood turns into a sticky, sludgy paste which slimes, glues, occludes and may even bury the villi, and keeps them from being able to resonate like the antennae they are.

2. "After the slow down of the E.M.E so it may become matter again.
Is this very very small partical of matter an elementary particle.
Is this called an colloid?"

No a colloid is a fine particle suspended into a different material in a structured holding pattern from which the particle will not settle out.

The "slowdown" of which you speak is more akin to the esoteric truth that Light when travelling very fast functions as a wave, yet when it becomes "slowed down" by something, drops into particle form. This is referred to in *esoteric* science as "precipitation". A vibrational resonance attracts the wave from place to place. When there is no further destination to attract the wave, it drops into particle form. You could think of Light as a "carrier beam".

3. Some science websites claim physics discovered that the nucleus is build up out of 200 different elementary particles and more to be discovered.
Is this coloidal science/chemistry that a few hundred elemental particals are stacked in a certain pattern to form an atom?

No, that's something different :-).

I think what you're asking is, "Well then, what science are we talking about on this forum?" I am pretty sure they are calling it Bio-Organic Chemistry or possibly Organic Biochemistry in the universities these days.

I hope this helps, Givati. I applaud your inquisitive mind and search for the truth.

Good Health to All of Us,

Ladylove :-)

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