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100% Agree! Re: My Breast Cancer update
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Published: 16 years ago
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100% Agree! Re: My Breast Cancer update

...and I want to add Dr. Schulze to your list of Kelley/Gonzalez & Gerson :)

Between the four of these healers and their basic protocols, thousands and thousands of people have been cured of cancer and other incurable diseases thoroughly & successfully .

Why 'newfangled' ideas & therapies seem to always get "top billing", like so many other things in life, the easiest and most simple answer is usually the one that's right!

Cancer (and any other disease) cannot live & thrive in an alkaline terrain.

The body cannot fight a disease unless it receives the energy (nutrition) it needs to fight.

How to attain these two 'basics'?

By first completely cleansing all acidic toxins from the intestinal tract/colon. The normal build-up/mucoid plaque in the intestinal tract prevent nutrients from being absorbed AND is causing what nutrition is absorbed to seep through a layer of toxic/acidic build-up --which then in turn, delivers acidified toxins to the bloodstream. There is not a life form on earth that can live unless it can receive nutrients and eliminate toxins. One can take all the nutrients, supplements, and 'natural cocktails' one wants, but if the colon isn't clean, it cannot absorb them.

Cleanse the liver through Liver Flushing and/or coffee enemas. The blood filters through the liver every 3-5 minutes. When the liver is full of acidic/chemical toxins, instead of purifying the blood, the blood is filtering through toxins again & again. And of course, if the liver is clogged and sluggish, it cannot function properly. coffee enemas also cause a reaction in the liver that cleanses the blood of free radicals (major cancer causers) every time the blood passes through the liver when the enema is being retained. So coffee enemas not only cleanse the liver helping it to function at it's peak...but they also kill the free radicals that cause and encourage the cancer AND cause the blood to be cleansed from toxins that a tumor releases as it degrades.

Raw Vegan Organic diet (with REAL salt & minerals). NO incoming toxins!! NO White Sugar /white flour/hydrogenated fat or other junk that the body has to fight and expend energy for NO nutrition). They only cause the body to have to detox from the toxins, rather than spending it's energy healing itself. On the average it takes several hours for the body to digest and assimilate meat and/or dairy; on the average it takes 30-45 minutes for the body to digest and assimilate raw fruits and vegetables...and even LESS time for juice. I've read that 75% of the liver's blood supply is routed to the digestive tract when the digestive tract is 'digesting'(and 60-70% of the body's 'energy'). Anyone with ANY type of serious disease needs their liver to be functioning at peak level and their body to be free to fight...EVERY MINUTE THEY CAN GET IT! This is why juice fasting is so highly recommended; it allows the body to recieve and assimilate peak nutrition with the minimal amount of effort; therefore the body can use that energy (that WOULD have been spent on digesting food) to heal itself.

Adequate hydration with pure water and more than enough of some type of REAL organic "Superfood" (live, complete, easily digestible nutrition). Excercise, hot/cold showers to keep the cleansed, healing blood circulating throughout the body (especially hot/cold therapy on tumor areas), and to oxygenate the blood.

And after those things, the rest is all details. Dr. Schulze reported that a large percentage of his patients were cured from cancer and other 'incurable diseases' by cleansing the colon thoroughly, the liver, and taking massive doses of Superfood.

If it were me, I'd add double/triple doses of top-grade echinacea daily (which doubles/triples the ability of the immune system to fight invaders), along with Essiac tea, as both of those things have been proven and documented to cure cancer for decades. And I'd also ingest at least a couple of tablespoons of Miracle II Neutralizer fluid daily (as it's been reported to cure cancer and it's a STRONG alkalinizer). I already use Miracle II daily, and it IS amazing stuff.

It's not enough to do a few days of juice fasting, then a few days of colon cleansing, and a couple of weeks of coffee has to do EVERYTHING at once to give the body the cleansing and nutrition it needs to get itself OUT of the toxic state that caused the cancer to begin with AND give the body the terrain and nutrition it needs to fight/beat the cancer.

Thanks for the chance to say all that...and please (anybody!) if I left something out, please add whatever it was I missed.



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