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Re: Ouch!! criticism from spouse re diet & cleansing

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses


Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Ouch!! criticism from spouse re diet & cleansing

I feel for you. I went to 6 funerals in 5 years in my 30's. The premature deaths I saw were mostly males in thier early 40's who were health/diet/lifestyle unconscious. The deaths I saw were preventable with diet and lifestyle changes. Only 1 of the 6 deaths I saw tried diet and nutrition and that passing was the ONLY peaceful death I saw. The person recovered enough with diet to live independantly at home with no pain for a few years, and then passed peacefully in thier sleep and that person was much older and had led a full life.
The other deaths I saw were awful, filled with much bad food choices and bad lifestyle choices which caused, misery, pain, chaos, suffering and premature death. It is a VERY difficult situation to deal with toxic impaired, unbalanced, suicidal people.

Most junk food eaters and bad eaters are suicidal. They actually want to die. Thier brains, stomach brains and head brains, are so toxic that their judgement becomes impaired. They lose the ability to make biophillic choices. Biophillic means 'life loving'. Toxic people become necrophillic in orientation, necrophillic means 'death loving'. I suspect worms along with the toxicity are a major cause of necrophillic behavior.

All you can do is protect yourself, eat right, take plenty of anti parasite medicine and herbs as needed, to keep your own system healthy and parasite free, avoid cross contamination, catching thier parasites, and try getting them on a regular anti parasite medicine and an anti parasite herb routine. This will reduce or eliminate thier infectious parasite load and help protect you and your household. Use Everclear 190 proof grain alcohol in a spray bottle to spray clean your shower and bath if you have to share a bathroom with them. Everclear is 190 proof, grain alcohol and it kills every contagious parasite egg and virus germ it touches. Hulda Clark recommends Everclear as a great household disinfectant.

We have the cures for all these worms and diseases. If people refuse cures and want to commit suicide and remain infected and infectious, all you can do is focus on yourself, protect yourself and your health.

I told my partner there would be 'no co-mingling of saliva' meaning 'no kissing' until they completed an anti parasite diet, with anti parasite herbs and anti parasite medicine and were parasite, virus and worm free. It worked. They modified thier diet and took anti parasite medicine and herbs. You MUST protect your own health if your partner will not.

Those submissive masochistic/sadistic mouses, trapped and dominated by sickie partners, they die early, get infectious diseases, get really sick, get cancers, get strokes, get parkinsons, get liver diseases, degenerative spine diseases, heart diseases, get alsheimers, suffer dementia, they lose thier good eyesight, they lose thier motor skills, they go blind, they can't walk, can't read maps or drive a car safely, they grow hydatid cysts and tumors inside, the filarial worms multiply in thier brains and bodies, other parasite and worm waste tumors and cysts grow all over inside thier bodies, they have thier uteruses cut out, or have thier prostrates cut out or implanted, they lose bladder control, suffer incontenence, they must wear diapers and they become incoherant and more and more mentally impaired, as dementia etc. are progressive diseases. It is very sad to see what happens to health irresponsible, body unconscious people.

There is nothing you can do for suicidal people. All you can do is take care of yourself. An md told me even if you lock a suicidal person in a 24/7 watched, guarded, supervised room, the self destructive suicidal people will still find a way to kill themselves and self destruct. Another md told me diabetics hospitalized in diabetic shock and coma, after the mds work round the clock to save these diabetics and pull them out of diabetic shock and coma, the patients once stabilized, find ways to smuggle boxes of sugar filled cakes, donuts, cookies and sugar candies into thier hospital rooms when they get out of the sugar induced comas, these diabetics are so addicted to the sugar that is killing them they eat themselves back into comas against all md watch and advice.

I personally feel it is the threadworms and other parasites in thier brains that cause such self destructive behavior in humans. Mice infected with tapeworms become suicidal and actually seek to be eaten by cats because the tapeworms in the mice want to complete thier life cycles in the cat. The parasites directed the behavior of the infected mice.

Take Care of you, protect your marital assests, protect your assets, protect your own health, make sure your partners illness does not devistate your health, finances or security. I have seen couples divorce on attys advice as friends and still remain together simply because one partners lapsed insurance, 3 week, $150,000 or $200,000 cost hospitalization threatend thier partners life worked for savings, home, car, assets, future, security and stabilty. You do not want to suffer liability for a partner who is not health responsible. Ask yourself, if you got sick what would they do to you? The answer to that should help you decide your best course. Protect yourself and protect your health. Your own good health is your greatest asset.
Good Luck.

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