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Re: Ouch!! criticism from spouse re diet & cleansing +edit
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Ouch!! criticism from spouse re diet & cleansing +edit


'Not to worry about 'time' on the Internet...we've all got to deal with 'real life' first (or at least, we/I should! lol).

'Sounds to me like you're married to a really great guy. I was quite disturbed to see the posts that sounded so 'judgemental' and harsh; we all have to make our changes in our own time...and when we entered into marriage, we pledged and promised 'for better or for worse'. People now-a-days are SO quick to judge and suggest "ultimatums" and "bottom line choices"...but a good marriage just can't exist with that type of thinking. (of course, if we're talking something like physical spousal/child abuse, then there are drastic measures to be taken always, but simply chaning/cleaning up 'diet' doesn't call for those types of drastic least not to me).

Not knowing what YOUR workload and household responsibilities are, I can't really offer any specific suggestions, but I can share some 'stuff' for thinking/considering.

My husband is just a phenomenal man & husband; he comes closer to resembling Jesus or Ghandhi in 'spirit' than anybody I know...he's non-judgemental, loving, caring, honest, trustworthy, spiritual, accepting (AND he's a musician and artist, too). Can you tell, I'm whacky in love with the man? grin. Anyway, if he were working a "j-o-b" outside of the home (we're self-employed) and he 'created' his own lunch to take to work, and only had a half-hour break for lunch? There's no WAY he'd eat any better than your husband...just no way. I don't know if it's a "guy thing" or what, but he'll eat almost anything I prepare for him, but if he has to 'fend for himself', he's ALWAYS going to eat whatever fills up his belly the easiest and quickest! I'm tellin' ya, sometimes I could just SCREAM!

On almost any given day our refrigerator contains:

-5 'green bags' full of different kinds of fresh sprouts (usually mung, sunflower, clover/brocolli, alfalfa and radish)
-6 different bottles of homemade 'dressing' & mayonnaise (plain mayo, honey dijon mayo, french, sweet oil & vinegar vinaigrette, spicy thai peanut dressing, ranch, and anything else I decide to try)
-a gallon container of pickled eggs
-a full 'salad bar' (greens, chopped veggies, etc., just ready for the putting together)
-organic 'tortilla wrappers' to wrap any combination of the above into and make a "burrito"
-a selection of fresh fruit
-a couple of 2 pint mason jars of fresh-squeezed (or fresh-squeezed-frozen) orange juice.

So, you'd think "quick n' easy" would be right at his fingertips, right?...but yesterday after I'd been awake a couple of hours (he'd been awake 4-5 hours before me), I asked him if he was hungry/what he'd had to eat today. And he said, "that leftover popcorn we made last night". And this is a man that colons cleanses, liver flushes, and whose mom was cured from terminal liver cancer at Dr. Kelley's clinic!!

Thankfully most times he WILL 'put something together' for himself and eat it (or -teehee- I'd wring his neck wonderful neck for letting all my 'work' go to waste :)
But in our house, it just seems like he's more concerned about our physical safety & comfort (house-tending and mending); our income and ability to even put ANY food on the table); the garden; and all those 'hunter/warrior/protector' things.

Your husband sounds like he doesn't have a bit of time to be making changes (especially self-motivated, "I read about it and learned about it in my spare time and now I'm going to apply it" type changes). Sheesh, that man is BUSY! And none of make many diet changes OR life-style changes when we're in the middle of something. And if y'all live somewhere that winter is going to put a halt to the home repair/building thing, he's under a rapidly approaching deadline, too.

If I were you, I'd 'sneak in' whatever changes or 'betterments' to his diet/eating that you're pretty sure you know he'd like. When I do that, I always say something like, "Hey, I was thinking about making something kinda like "xyz" cause it has "abc" in it, and that'd be really good for OUR 'whatever' (emphasis on "our"). Does that sound like something you'd be willing to try? No big deal if it's not, I was just thinking it sounded pretty yummy to me". Or something like that.

Julieuma, it may be 'in your world' that you're just as busy as he is, so don't think I'm trying to heap all the responsibility onto you for HIS eating. It's just that in my world, it seems like me taking responsibility for our diet and eating is something that I'm much better suited to do (and something I can do MUCH easier, and with more interest and concern) than he could ever do.

Thank heavens my husband puts up with all MY faults; if I could only be HALF as non-judgemental and accepting as he is, I'd be a 100% better woman!

Blankets of blessings,



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