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Gore protected Lyme Disease importer Hammer.
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Published: 17 years ago
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Gore protected Lyme Disease importer Hammer.

Joseph Stalin's bio-war program had biologists scouring the tundra for every creepy crawly and they found what we call Lyme Disease. The disease was cultured and got out of hand and spread to Russia's mega-valuable fur bearing animal industry, so they were all killed to stop it spreading. Armand Hammer, Stalin's western financier, exported a ship full of these diseased furs to America, and longshoreman were the first to come down with Lyme Disease in the port city of Lyme, Connecticut.

Longshoremen refused to continue to off-load Hammer's ship and to thwart further investigtion it put to sea and presumably dumped its deadly cargo into the ocean. Armand Hammer was up for a treason charge but Senator Gore, Al's dad, got him off. The Gore family reward was stock in Armand Hammer's Occidental Petroleum/OXY. Occidental Petroleum ("occidental" means "east" as in Russia) is the company to which Bill Clinton sold our Elk Hills, California, American strategic naval oil reserves.

Elk Hills is conveniently close to Bohemian Grove, the kinky germanic-style death cult for rich politicos who like to prance about in drag and simulate human sacrifice. Elk Hills, unlike the Teapot Dome attempt, was actually carried through. Elk Hills, unlike the Teapot Dome scandal, not only did not make the history books it didn't even make the headlines, comrade. No wonder Lyme Disease's origins are so murky.

The unpleasant truth is that Al Gore is an oil baron working the ecology card to lobby for more restrictive measures that will kill little energy companies and drive them into Occidental Petroleum's arms in this monopoly-friendly climate. BTW there is global warming on Mars now, too, the result of solar activity. WORK THAT THING!

One of Armand Hammer's last acts was to secure a modern western heavy-duty truck building facility for Russia to "promote their economy," but the trucks were used to invade Afghanistan. Armand Hammer sponsored a New Age-type university in an abandoned seminary in the mountains outside Las Vegas, New Mexico, along with Prince Charles, daddy of the NAZI-uniform-wearing Prince Harry. Lots of metal prefab classroom buildings dot the formerly pristine landscape. And speaking of national socialists, I'm confident the ex-pats Amerika brought over in Operation Paperclip had NAZI scientists cooking up any number of depraved programs, including MK ULTRA mind control. Thanks to for info. This cabal is so evil it's time to pray "for we fight not against men but against powers and principalities (demons). God bless, guide and protect America, and grant all a hearty appetite for truth and justice.

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