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Re: Totally baffled by this method.
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Totally baffled by this method.

I spent a lot of time living a painful life, with a few unpleasant rashes, strange and disgusting Body Odor at times, headaches like you would not believe, and general sickliness. All the time I had these problems, I knew urine was disgusting, and a waste product, poisonous, and dangerous, which was why I peed it against the wall for over 50 years. All this knowing lasted with lifelong understanding, but from where did I get the idea? I never researched it, I never asked anyone, I just believed what my abusive parents said, or what children in my class at school said. I never read anything, nor did I watch any movies on the subject, I just knew it was bad for me.

Then, 11 days ago, I became so fed up with everything, and not having the mentality to kill myself, started to research herbal anti biotics, as I was having yet another episode of none responsive infection, this time in my jaw, from a butchered extraction. Amongst the many links provided by my thorough search criteria, was a bunch of them about Urine Therapy. Had I not have been in so much pain (Ibuprofen had stopped being effective, and my infection was spreading) I would not have considered, nor even read about the therapy, because, remember - I knew it was crazy. Another of the links suggested I try Oregano oil capsules, so I bought some, and slight relief was apparent, but I still hurt too much. So, in desperation, I peed into a paper cup, and drank the lot.

I swilled it around my mouth, more out of surprise than method - it did not taste particularly unpleasant, and felt good. The IMMEDIATE effect of my cup of pee was the pain vanished. Immediately, not in a minute of two, it just vanished immediately.
The relief I felt at that time was immeasurable - I could sit still, and not wince every time I breathed - the pain was gone - the huge hole, and fractured jaw caused by the moron dentist from hell was still there, but it didn't hurt anymore. I slept soundly that night - the first time in Years.

I researched more, the next day, but wasted my morning flow. I read until noon, and discovered that I should at least try it regularly, so I had me another dixie cup full. Again, immediate relief from the now uncomfortable jaw, and I felt good again. I had been having monster headaches for many years, and later the second day, one arrived - the usual path it would follow would be 24 hours of feeling terrible; I was not looking forward to that, so I took me another cup of pee. Within 5 minutes, the headache, that would usually defy any treatment, was gone. I felt kind of numb, rather than better, but it was a good thing. After 4 hours, the headache returned, but no where near the usual intensity, so I took me another cup. Relief this time, for the rest of the day.

Now, 11 days later, my infection has gone, my jaw is healing nicely, the hole is a pleasant pink, not the putrid looking red flecked with yellow that it was. I can see better, my skin is clear, my rashes are receding rapidly, and I do not have any bad breath, my eyeballs are a healthy bluish color, my irises are clear of the 4 brown spots that some therapist said meant something nasty, and did I say, I feel great.

So I have nothing but positive results from the UT, and will continue to monitor my health improvements. My skin is clearer, I have fewer rashes, no unpleasant scent, and feel much better. - I also am totally baffled by the therapy, not that I should do it, but why it should work so very well.

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